Paytm Lottery

Paytm is Indias favourite digital provider and lottery is India’s favourite pastime and they work together.

Find the best Paytm lottery games in India and start playing online lottery with Paytm today.

Lottery Sites accepting Paytm

There is just one lottery site that accepts Paytm in India which is sadly not as many as I wish.

Still, Paytm is constantly getting more and more popular as a payment provider in the online lottery world.

It is just a matter of time before you can use it at the majority of all lottery websites, online casinos and betting sites.

As UPI payments are getting accepted by more and more lottery sites you can easily pay with Paytm.

Below you can find the only online lottery accepting Paytm,

Making a Payment to a Lottery Site

You have an account and you are ready to start playing online lottery.

The first thing you need to do is choose how much you want to deposit.

For all the lottery sites that have Paytm available, you will find it under Net Banking.

As of now, you cannot make deposits with your Paytm cash in your e-wallet.

With the Net Banking option, you will be able to send a UPI payment to the online lottery that you want to play at.

  1. Select Net Banking.
  2. Write your ID where it says VPA or ID and click the proceed now button.
  3. A UPI payment request will show up in your app. Click the Pay button to confirm your deposit.
  4. Wait for the lottery site to confirm and after a few seconds you should get a confirmation of a successful deposit and you are ready to play!

It’s easy as that, just make sure to have your BIHM UPI ID ready.

Create a Paytm Account

Creating a Paytm account is not only a simple procedure but it is completely free as well.

You need to either download the app or visit the e-wallets homepage to make an account.

Step By Step Guide


  1. Go to
  2. In the top right corner, click on the Login/ Sign-Up button.
  3. A new window will open, click the Sign-Up button.
  4. Fill in your mobile number, e-mail, choose your password and click the Create your Wallet button.
  5. Enter the One Time Password (OTP) and your First and Last Name then click on Create your Wallet.
  6. Congratulation! You now have an account!


  1. Download and start the Paytm app.
  2. In the top left corner, click the grey icon.
  3. Tap on the ‘Create a New Account’ button.
  4. Fill in your mobile number, email address, choose a password and tap on Create a New Account.
  5. An OTP will be sent to your number. Fill in the password, tap submit and enter you first and last name and date of birth.
  6. Tap the Create Account button and enjoy your new account.

How to transfer money to and from Paytm

Paytm works just like a regular wallet in the sense that you need to add money to it.

Therefore you will need a bank account or a credit/debit card to be able to use your new account.

Making transfers to and from your account is easy, safe and legal.

Deposit to your Account

So let’s start with making a deposit to your Paytm account.

You have three ways of making a transfer to your wallet – UPI, Net Banking or Debit/Credit Card.

Deposit MethodProcessing TimeFee
Net BankingInstantFree
BIHM UPIInstantFree
Debit CardInstantFree
Credit CardInstant1,75% + GST

The Paytm minimum deposit is set at 1 rupee and there is no maximum deposit so feel free to transfer money to your account without limits.

Withdraw from your Account

It’s not really necessary to send Paytm cash to your bank account since you can use it in the majority of places in India.

Nonetheless, if you want to make a withdrawal from your e-wallet to a bank account you can easily do so.

The only thing you need to take into account is the fees associated with bank account transfers.

Withdrawal MethodProcessing TimeFee
Bank Account TransferMaximum 3 Working Days5%

The Paytm minimum withdrawal is Rs. 100 and the maximum withdrawal is Rs. 25 000.

These regulations are applicable to any transfer from the e-wallet to bank accounts.


BHIM UPI is an in-app feature that allows you to make instant money transfers between two bank accounts. Additionally, you can also make payments to merchants that accept BHIM UPI as a means of payment.

To transfer money with BIHM UPI you need to create your BIHM UPI ID. For Paytm accounts, it is by default your mobile number followed by @paytm.

It is completely free to use and is accepted across all banks in India.

Take Out Your Winnings

You can take out your winnings from a lottery site by requesting a bank wire transfer to your bank account.

All you need to do is add your bank details, some sites only accept the same account that sent the UPI payment so consider that before you make a withdrawal.

Once your withdrawal is processed you can enjoy all that real money you won!

Fees differ from site to site but most often you can withdraw for free.

Verify your Account

To be able to use your account to its full extent you will need to verify it by going through a KYC process.

There are 3 ways of completing the Paytm KYC process.

  • Paytm App – Click the KYC button, enter your Aadhar number and name, enter the OTP sent to your UIDAI registered mobile number, confirm your identity and finally fill in the form for your personal details.
  • Doorstep KYC – If your mobile number is not registered with UIDAI, is lost or not working you can book a doorstep KYC. Book an appointment and an agent will come to your address and complete the process from your home.
  • KYC Center – You can also complete to KYC process by visiting a KYC centre. Find the nearest one in the app and bring an identification – aadhar card, passport or election card. An agent will help you complete the process at the centre.

Paytm App

There are two Paytm apps available, one for Android and the other for IOS.

Using the app is essential since there are so many great features that are only available in the application.

Furthermore, the app is faster and easier to navigate saving you tons of time.

Some of the app exclusive features are:

  • App-Only Offers & Discounts
  • Scan QR Codes to Pay
  • Make UPI Payments
  • Send Gift Money with Lififa
  • Notifications on Offers
  • Personalized Experience

The Android app is available in 10 different Desi languages whereas the iPhone app is only available in English and Hindi.

The apps can be found in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

My Best Paytm Tips

As you have read there are tons of great reasons to use this Indian payment provider but I´d thought I´d end this guide with my personal tips.

  • Cashback – There are tons of cashback offers available at Paytm. Make sure that you check them out once in a while so you don’t miss out on any free money!
  • Hot Deals – This is a section showing all the latest and best deals available. You can find deals for your daily needs, fashion, food & beverage, travel and services! There are even some Free deals to claim.
  • BIHM UPI – You can easily use the UPI to avoid charges that are usually associated with Paytm cash. Send money to any bank account free of charge.

Now you are more than ready to start earning real money at any of the lottery sites you are interested in!

Best of luck!