Skrill Lottery Payments

The best online lottery websites have an array of different ways of making a payment. In my opinion, the best payment method is e-wallets. Skrill is one of the most used and trusted.

In this guide, you can find out everything you need to know about how to make a lottery payment and withdraw with Skrill. I personally use Skrill and can wholeheartedly recommend it to other Indian players.

Best international lottery sites that accept Skrill

First things first, where can you use Skrill? Well, almost everywhere. It is not only loved by players but by online lotteries as well. It is easy to use, safe and fast.

Below you can see some of the best online lottery sites that accept this e-wallet.

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Skrill Deposit and Withdrawals

Deposits are extremely easy and you have a wide variety of different ways to make a deposit. Below you can see a table with the available methods, their processing times and fees.

MethodProcessing TimeFee
Credit / Debit CardInstant1%
Manual Bank TransferUp to 5 business days1%
Bitcoin & Bitcoin CashInstant1%
Unified Payments Interface (UPI)Instant1%
AstroPay Net BankingInstant1%

Withdrawing money is just as easy as depositing. The only downside is that there are only two options available for Withdrawal, bank transfer, and Visa cards. Both options take 2 to 5 days to process. Bank transfers have a flat fee of ₹400 and withdrawals with Visa entitle a 7.5% fee.

My best tip is to withdraw sums up to ₹5330 with Visa cards and any larger sums with a bank transfer. That way you can save money on smaller withdrawals and make sure your larger ones never cost more than ₹400!

How do I make a Skrill account?

First thing is first, to be able to use Skrill you need an account. Starting an account could not be easier. All you need is to visit the Skrill website and click the register button in the top right corner.

I also have some personal tips that can save you money in the long run!

  • Choose INR as your main currency – Skrill has some of the fairest conversion rates available but they do take quite a steep fee, almost 4% of every conversion. Some lottery sites have INR available but many don’t. Don’t worry though the lottery site you have chosen will make the conversion with their own rates. Most are honest and have very fair conversions so the impact of changing currencies is small.
  • Use a card to make a deposit or withdrawal from Skill – There are several ways to make deposits and withdrawals from Skrill but the one that is the fastest and has the smallest fees is debit and credit cards.
  • Don’t worry about the fees – I know it can feel like Skrill has a lot of small fees popping up here and there but in the end, it allows you to save money. This is mainly due to the fact you avoid unfavourable conversion rates. Another fact that allows you to save money using Skrill is the fact that online lottery sites rarely take a fee for using Skrill unlike debit/ credit cards or bank transfers.

Important: Verify Your Account

When you have completed the process of registering you have a regular account but you can also get a verified one.

You can verify your Skrill account in three different ways, postal code verification, bank account verification or credit card verification.

Verification is a step to making your account more secure. This way Skrill can know that it is actually you behind the transactions and not someone else impersonating you.

The main reason to verify is to be able to remove the limitations on money transfers.

Due to international money laundry regulations, each company that handles money needs to verify that its users really are who they say they are. This means more safety for you and you can enjoy playing stress-free!

Privacy & Confidentiality

I know that handing out your personal information can feel insecure but with Skrill, you don’t have to worry. Every single piece of information you give to this e-wallet is protected with several layers of encryption.

They use SSL encryption provided by Digicert, which is the world’s premier provider of high assurance digital certificates.

Since Skrill handles money it is fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA is a governmental body in the UK tasked to regulate and audit financial services. It is also listed on the FTSE 250 stock exchange adding further legitimacy to the company.

Play lotteries online with Skrill

Using Skrill as your payment provider for online lotteries is a great choice. As you have read there is a wide variety of different benefits! The best one, in my opinion, is the fact that online lottery websites seem to love it.

Now, what do I base this on? Simple, the many advantages given by online lotto sites for using Skrill! Especially when it comes to withdrawals and deposits from a lottery site!

  • Free of fees – Very rarely will an online lottery take a fee for deposits or withdrawals with Skrill.
  • Fast transactions – All deposits arrive instantly to your lottery account. Withdrawals usually get processed in between 10 minutes and 1 day.
  • Popular provider – I have accounts at several different lottery sites. My main reason is to take advantage of the many lottery promotions unique to each site. Skrill is very popular among online lotteries so transitioning between sites with Skrill as your payment provider is easy breezy!

Know Your Customer Process

When making deposits from Skrill to an online lottery site you will most likely not need to verify who you are. Later though you will need to do so to be able to withdraw.

My recommendation is to verify your details when you make your first deposit. This way you won’t have any hassles trying to get your well-deserved withdrawal.

A verification usually consists of the lottery website making a KYC. This abbreviation stands for Know Your Customer. Essentially it means that the lottery needs to know who they are giving money to.

This is for the same reasons as I mentioned earlier with verifying your Skrill account. It is used to protect you as a player so no one can withdraw your money from your account that isn’t you and so that the lottery doesn’t help anyone launder money.

The KYC process usually consists of two parts. You will need to provide:

  • A proof of address – any utility bill will work.
  • ID – A picture of your identification such as an aadhaar card.

This way the international lottery site knows that it is actually you that is their customer and not anyone else.

Once you have done this, all future deposits and withdrawals will be processed hassle-free.

Skrill App

I usually buy an online lottery ticket on my mobile so of course, it is important for me that Skrill is easy to use on my phone. And guess what? It is super easy to use thanks to the Skrill apps.

Since they have an IOS and Android app it doesn’t matter what mobile you have. Feel free to enjoy on your Samsung, iPhone, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Oppo or any other brand of phone you may have!

I have personally tried both apps and they work more or less exactly the same. Withdrawals, deposits and managing accounts can all be done on the go! This also shows in their high rating in google play store and apple app store where they have more than a 4-star rating out of 5!