PlayGoldwin Lottery: Genuine or Scam?

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Ramesh Apte

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Last updated on 12th July 2020

Published: 21/02/2020

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PlayGoldwin Lottery Review

PlayGoldwin is an Indian online lottery that one reader asked me to review after being tipped in a WhatsApp group about a good lotto game.

After some research, I saw that the PlayGoldwin lottery went under many names including PlayGoldwin1, PlayGolden or Play Gold Online which is a definite warning signal.

Some Indian online lotteries have to have several domains to be able to keep their business afloat.


For the simple reason that they not only cheat their players but also domain providers and other service providers so their sites get shut down.

As there are several domains with similar information I will focus on PlayGoldwin1 since I perceive this as the site that gets the most visits.

This review is a part of my new investigating lottery article series called Genuine lottery or Scam, you can find out everything you need to know in this PlayGoldwin lottery review.

As usual, I will be looking into:

  • Trust
  • Information
  • Location
  • Functionality
warning flasher cartoonNotice: PlayGoldwin is not to be mixed up with Gold Lottery. A genuine lottery game available at several safe websites.

Is PlayGoldwin trusted?

Trust is the most important factor to look at when analyzing if an online lottery is genuine.

I determine trust through 4 features:

  • License
  • Offline presence
  • Security Certificates
  • User Reviews

PlayGoldwinn does not have a license issued by any government. This means that no authority has looked into if they treat any of their customers fairly.

There is no offline presence at all. No signs of cooperations with other companies.

PlayGoldwin does have a lottery result sheet but there is no insight if any of the draws are fair or if they cheat all their players by choosing numbers they know no one has.

Customer support is also nonexistent.

warning that the goldwin lottery site is not safe

As far as security certificates go PlayGoldwin has none what so ever.

Any information you put in can be stolen and you might become a victim of identity theft or worse, they steal your payment details and empty your accounts.

User reviews refer to anyone who can testify that they are happy customers. Sadly I couldn’t find any, no one saying that their site works great.

An even worse fact is that I haven’t been able to find a single PlayGoldwin winner.

No jackpots, not even a single small prize!

So can Goldwin be trusted?

No, not at all.

Online Lottery Information

When I talk about the information factor it refers to if what the website says is true.

Since there is almost none available I can’t really say if it’s true or not.

The only mention they have is that you can play Ander Bahar and Jodi in a series called Golden lottery which ranges from A to J.

At the bottom of the page, it says that you can’t buy Golden tickets if you are in a state where lotteries are illegal which leads us to the next factor.

PlayGoldwin Location

The only Indian lotteries that are legal are the state-sanctioned lotto games. They include famous examples such as

  • Kerala State Lottery
  • Sikkim State Lottery
  • Nagaland Lottery

Private lotteries, on the other hand, are illegal which means that any lotto game based in India that isn’t run by the government is criminal.

Since PlayGoldwin has several domains I had to check many and what I found was quite confusing.

playgoldwin1USA, Chicago
playgoldwinnUSA, Austin
playgoldwinwhiteIndia, Indi
playgoldwiinIndia, Mumbai
playgoldwinUSA, Burlington
playgoldenwinSingapore, Singapore

As you can see the different domains are located in the USA, India and Singapore.

For this reason, I cannot say 100% that all sites are illegal but why risk it when there are so many great options?

One thing is for sure though Playgoldwiin and Playgoldwinwhite are definitely illegal since they are located in Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Lottery Site Functionality

The functionality of a lottery site is an important factor since it shows the companies dedication to providing their customers with great service.

Scam sites don’t really care if pages or functions don’t work as long as you make a deposit they can steal.

PlayGoldwin did not have any broken links but there were several other weird things going on.

The page would get refreshed continuously which was extremely annoying and a sign of their lack of professionality.

When I tried to play any of the gold lottery games I would a lot of times get an error for no apparent reason as well.

This is not a good sign, it’s terrible.


If you have read the whole review you can see that the online lotto in question did not pass any of the factors which is a horrible sign.

To put it as simple as possible – PlayGoldwin is a scam and any site related to this brand name is fraudulent.

alert sign cartoonAVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Now if you are interested in playing lotteries online from India there are some great options out there.

I have reviewed the most reputable, legal and safe lottery websites so you have a wide selection to choose from.

If you want to browse through them just head over to reviews in the top menu.

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