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Ramesh Apte

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Last updated on 10th July 2020

Published: 11/05/2020

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PlayWin – The Rise & Fall of Indias First Online Lottery

Playwin Lottery is known as the original Indian online lottery. Founded in November 2001 it was the first and only government online lottery sanctioned by the Sikkim government.

Even though it was a privately operated by Essel Group through the PAN India Network it had the right to do so thanks to the permission of the Sikkim State.

The venture was very quickly a commercial success.

Indians in states where state lottery games were legal could easily play any of the many games provided by Playwin.

Sadly, the operation ceased to exist after the company behind the lottery had liquidity issues.

During its 18 year-long run it created countless crorepatis and was a role model for other government lotteries when it comes to innovation.

India Leading Lottery Innovation

With its launch in 2001 Playwin was not only the first online lottery in India but one of the first lottery sites in the whole world.

TheLotter which is commonly known as one of the first online lottery sites in the world was started 1 year after Playwin!

Of the sites listed here at Online Lotteries India, only PlayHugeLottos is older which was started in 1998.

As such India was long the leading country of lottery innovation with Playwin creating its own lotto game structure with independent draws.

The site itself was revolutionizing since there was nothing like it at the time of its start. Playwin lottery is and will always be proof of the strength of Indian entrepreneurship.

The Crorepati Making Lotto Games

Playwin offered a total of 13 games throughout the years.

  • Friday Easy Lotto
  • Lucky 3
  • Max 3
  • Keno
  • Triple Ticket
  • E-Play
  • Joker
  • Joker 5
  • Jaldi 5
  • Jaldi 5 Double +
  • Thunderball
  • Thursday Super Lotto
  • Saturday Super Lotto

Super Lotto was known as one of the most popular games since both have given players the biggest jackpots.

Each of the games had a unique structure with different payout schemes.

Playwin lottery winners got jackpots in the size of several crore repeatedly creating a small craze throughout the country.

By 2014 the Playwin lottery had created more than 94 crorepatis and 5000 lakhpatis.

Corruption and Foul Play

Even though business was booming for the online lottery there were several mishaps that changed the fate of the company.

PAN India which was the main organizer of Playwin was part of one of Indias biggest lottery scams.

PAN India was one of four private companies that had been outed for their involvement in the Mizoram lottery scandal which has been said to have led to tax losses of Rs. 11, 808.8 crore between 2012 to 2015.

Furthermore, since Playwin was a government-sanctioned lotto and not an official government lottery it adhered to the higher GST rate of 28% compared to 12%. Even though it was later changed to a uniform rate of 28% it was already too late.

By the end of 2019, its debts had caught up with the Essel Group and PAN India which led them to have to shut down their popular lotto.

The last Playwin draw was on the 1st of October 2019.

The End of Indian Online Lottery

From being one of the most innovative lotteries in the world to crashing due to scandals and expenses running haywire, Playwin wrote an important part of Indian lottery history.

As of yet, there are no government-sanctioned online lotteries and as such Playwin was the beginning and end of a truly Indian online lotto.

I am hoping to see the Indian government to wake up and see the potential of online lottos but until then we are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy international lottery sites.

I have listed several safe and trusted lottery websites that you can freely enjoy from India.

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