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Ramesh Apte

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Updated 29/03/2020

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How does Powerballs Power Play work?

The Powerball Lottery is quite possibly the most famous online lottery in the world.

It started in the US in 1992 and has since then paid out the worlds largest jackpot, $1.586 billion.

As such, no wonder people are going crazy for this 5/69 + 1/26 game.

But what most people don’t think about is the PowerPlay option.

When you buy your Powerball ticket you always have the option to buy the Power Play feature.

This great feature allows you to multiply any win except the jackpot.

There is a total of 6 multiplier levels.

Just before each draw, a multiplier is selected randomly.

For each draw there is a total of:

  • 24-x2 values
  • 13-x3 values
  • 3-x4 values
  • 2-x5 values
  • If the jackpot is below $150 Million, a single x10 value is added.

Below you can find a table with the chance of each multiplier being drawn.

MultiplierChance Of Being Drawn

Even though all wins except the jackpot can be multiplied there is a small exception for the second prize of $1 million.

It can only be multiplied x2 so if you win the second prize in PowerBall with the Power Play option you will take home 2 million US dollars.

Below you can see a complete table of all the payout levels and how they are affected by the Power Play.

table of Powerball power play payouts
With the Power Play option added you can win up to $40 just by matching the Powerball number!

Should You Play Power Play?

Now there is no clear yes or no answer to if you should play the PowerPlay option.

I believe it is up to each of you to decide on your own.

Personally I do not play it frequently. When I do it is because I am feeling luckier than usual and have a good feeling about me winning a prize.

Of course, sometimes it works out, other times it doesn’t.

The PowerPlay option costs extra between $1 and $3 depending on which international lottery site you choose to play at.

As such you need to feel yourself if you are going to win.

I recommend to only play it when you feel extremely lucky since you can almost buy another Powerball ticket for the same price as the Power Play multiplier.

One thing is for sure do, it adds a lot of excitement for the draw!

Now that you know how Power Play works take the chance to try it out on my favourite lottery below.

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