What is the price of buying an online lottery ticket in India?

how to buy an online lottery ticket
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Published: 06/11/2019

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Purchase Online lottery tickets in India

The price of online lottery tickets in India differs a lot. In this article, you can learn about estimated ticket prices, why they cost more online and how to best save money on buying tickets.

I myself have saved countless rupees with the tricks I have learned playing online that I will share with you further down in this article. Let’s get started!

As there is an immense amount of online lotteries, lotto ticket prices can differ a lot. Therefore in this article, I will primarily focus on the most famous international lotteries.

Each lottery has a set price for their physical tickets but since they are provided online by lotto agents and lotto bookmakers the prices are different. Sometimes they can cost more sometimes less.

Generally, the tickets will cost more at a lottery agent website than buying the ticket directly from the lottery.

The reason why is very simple, lottery agents need to cover their maintenance costs such as salaries for their staff and upkeep of their website

Check out my article on how lottery websites work if you want to learn more about lotto agents, lottery resellers and lottery bookkeepers.

Average Prices and Lowest Prices

The reason you came to this post is very simple. You want to know how much international lottery tickets cost in India.

Therefore I will give you this information in two easy to understand tables.

LotteryAverage Online Ticket Price
Euro Millions280
La Primitiva180
Here you can see the top international lottery average ticket prices.
Powerball€3.45 (≈ ₹270)Lotto247
Mega Millions€3.45 (≈ ₹270)Lotto247
New York Lotto₹105LottoAgent
Cricket Lotto₹80Lottoland
In this second table, you can find the cheapest price for each top online lottery and where you can find it. I also added the two cheapest online lotteries available in the end

My best money-saving tips

I have played countless rows in online lotteries throughout the years and picked up a few tricks on how to get cheaper lottery tickets along the way.

When you buy lottery entries through a lotto agent you will be offered several different ways on how to purchase tickets.

The main methods are single tickets, multi draws, subscription and syndicates.

Now, single tickets will rarely be discounted unless the website your playing at is promoting a specific lottery.

Multi draws, subscription and syndicates, on the other hand, offer several different ways to save a lot of money.

  • Multi Draws – Some lottery websites offer a service where you can get the same numbers for multiple draws, you could call it a subscription for a limited time. The more draws you choose to play to bigger your savings. TheLotter offers up to 25% discount on lottery tickets purchased for multiple draws.
  • Subscription – Is exactly what it sounds like. When you register for a subscription you can enjoy your favourite lottery without missing a draw. Most subscriptions have a nice discount. You can choose to start and end your subscription whenever you want and you will never miss a draw.

Lottery Syndicates

This is the big money saver. A lottery syndicate is a group of people who join together to share multiple numbers.

Most lottery websites offer their own syndicates. Each syndicate is structured to have a specific amount of shares and it includes a certain amount of tickets

It’s super simple, the more tickets you have the larger are your chances of winning.

You can buy as many shares as you want in each syndicate but this will not increase your chances of winning but increase the amount you win.

I think it’s easier to understand with an example. Let’s say a lotto website creates a Powerball syndicate that includes 100 tickets with 100 shares.

You buy one share for the price of one ticket, you now have 99 more chances to win compared to buying just one entry. Not only did you improve your chances of winning but you also saved a lot of money, Rs. 26, 730 to be exact!

Now, your one share entitles you to 1% of the winnings. We all play to win lottery jackpots so in this example let’s say your syndicate won an average Powerball jackpot of 3476 crores! First of all congratulations but how much will you walk away with? A whopping 34 crores! You are now set for life!

As you can see this is the absolute smartest way to play online lotteries if you want to win. Not only do you save money but you also increase your probabilities of winning prizes!

You can educate yourself more on this amazing feature in my Lottery Syndicates article.