Online lottery reviews in India

My colleagues and I who make lottery reviews here at Online Lotteries are somewhat lottery nuts and come from generations of lottery players.

My father played lotto, his father before him and so on. The only difference being that I started playing online lotteries to chase bigger jackpots, have more safety when playing and of course being able to play from the comfort of my own home.

But when we started playing we had a problem. It was difficult to know which lotto websites are legit and which ones might try to scam you.

Through trial and error, we learned a lot and with this knowledge, we knew that we could help other Indian players.

So we got together and created the website you are on right now, Online Lotteries India. Here you will find the best online lottery reviews for Indian players that are 100% safe to play at.

Lottery reviews 2020


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I have reviewed more than 50 lotto sites to this date. To be honest, it’s not as fun as it may sound to analyze lottery agents.

It’s hours and hours of research, trying out each lottery agent so I know exactly how they work. Then I summarize everything in a structured manner to give you a great review that’s easy to read.

The research and work itself aren’t that annoying, the annoying part is that many lotto agents don’t seem to have the same passion for lotteries that I have. They just seem to create a lotto website as a way to make quick money.

Don’t worry about accidentally joining one of these websites here though.

At Online Lotteries India I have made sure to exclude all the lotto websites that might scam you and I only make reviews of the very best and most secure lottery websites.

To put it as simple as possible, if you want to play online lottery games in India, you will want to check out my reviews to make sure you play at a safe and trusted lottery website.

On this page, you will be able to find reviews of Indian lotteries and international lotteries. The only criterion is that they can be played online.

For example, as of yet I have not found a way to play the Kerala State lottery online, the Punjab lottery or any other Indian state lottery for that matter.

There is one exception though, the Playwin lottery. It is owned by the Sikkim state lottery. Hopefully, more states will follow their lead. More online Indian lotteries, please!

Critical factors for my lottery reviews

Over my years of playing online lotteries, I’ve learned what makes a lotto website good.

I have used my experience to compile a list of criteria and requisites when judging worldwide lottery websites. Trust me, I’m super picky so all the lotto sites get the grade they deserve.

I try to make my international lottery reviews as informative as possible covering all aspects of the lotto sites.

For example, if a lotto agent has an innovative feature like fingerprint login for mobile I’ll let you know about it.

Why you might wonder?

Well, other than trying to be as informative as possible it also raises the safety of playing at said website and I know that’s something you care about.

You won’t only learn about features but also several requirements I have for the different lotto websites. So basically my reviews are built up of features and requirements.

The list of Indian online lottery criteria I made gives my colleagues and me a broad view of the lottery website as a whole.

With a list, we can also make sure that every international lotto review has the same format so once you have read one you know what to look for in the next one.

I can also make sure that all reviews keep the same high standard and are just since the same approach is used for each review.

Real Money and Transparency

bags with indian rupees

All the lottery websites I have reviewed I have tried personally with my own money.

This is one of the criteria I use to ensure that I know about all parts of the online lotto agents.

The deposit and withdrawal process function is one of the most important aspects of each lottery website in my opinion.

To be as transparent as possible, below, I will share with you the most important parts of the reviews so you can understand just how thorough I am.

I grade each part that in the end gives each online lottery review a complete score which I then share with you.

Since there are too many lotto websites that are dishonest I only include the best sites in my reviews. This is to ensure that you only play on a legit and legal lottery in India.

Online Lottery games and Lottery providers

I personally appreciate lottery websites with lots of online lotto games from all parts of the world.

Most lotteries are regional like the Goa state lottery or the Punjab state lottery but they can also move online and become an international lottery, like Mega Millions, Powerball or SuperEnalotto.

Several lotto providers also feature several lotteries just like the Kerala lottery. In the Kerala lotteries, you can find lotto games like Win win lottery and Pournami lottery.

I base the grade on the more high-quality lotto games a provider or lotto website has, the better the grade.

Online lottery bonus

What is it that makes a lotto bonus a good bonus?

Well, most bonuses can sound too good to be true. Here is where my experience comes in handy. I have gone through each of the bonus terms and conditions.

I decipher the fine print so you can enjoy each bonus without having to worry about any unpleasant surprises.

Therefore I can personally guarantee that all the bonuses you find at Online Lotteries are fair and have a clear benefit to you as a player.

I will personally guide you through each benefit of the bonuses in my online lottery reviews. The terms and conditions can sometimes be tricky but I summarize them in a simple way.

The better the bonus is for you, the better the grade the website will have.

Secure and safe Lotto websites

When it comes to reviewing an international lottery website, security and safety is always the number one priority.

There are several large scams that have tainted the name of online lotteries so how can you know that the lottery websites are safe?

All the websites I have reviewed use trusted and established software and have been in business for a long time.

All your personal information has to be encrypted. They need to offer a vast selection of different payment providers to facilitate both deposits and withdrawals.

Safety for online lotteries

When making worldwide lotto reviews some people just check if the website has stickers that say they have safety certificates.

I, on the other hand, know that these stickers, usually at the bottom of the page, are quite easy to fake.

Therefore I do more than just scan the home page. To make sure that what they state is true I look at the original source as well.

For example, most lotto websites have a gambling license and you can double-check if it is valid through the authorities that have provided said license.

Of course, I and my team go further as well and we check other things that make the lottery site legitimate like:

  • Previous awards
  • If they work with gambling addiction organizations
  • Offline presence such as tv-commercials or sponsorships in any country
  • News articles from big news sites
  • Double-check safety software & technology
  • Previous winners
  • Other lotto player reviews, every experience counts!

Each of these factors works as a cog that makes sure that the machine that is a legitimate lottery website works smoothly.

You could call me a lottery mechanic because I know which of these cogs are more important and which are less and therefore can tell you what is safe to enjoy and what you might want to think about.

Deposit & withdrawal methods

Over my years the one thing that has improved the most is how sites handle deposits and withdrawals. Specifically making withdrawals.

Up until a few years ago, withdrawals could take up to 1 or 2 days. Waiting that long sure can be frustrating and I’m not talking about the lottery jackpots, I am talking about all lotto wins.

Today it’s the other way around, online lotto sites are competing to be the fastest. This is due to the increasing popularity of online lotteries and more legitimate websites being available.

With more providers competing over more players we get better service. And this is great of course!

Stay safe paying lottery tickets online

However, there are websites that still make excuses for why they can not make fast payouts.

Even though they are safe only the best service gets rewarded here at Online Lotteries so if you won’t see any 5-star lottery websites without fast payouts.

When it comes to payment providers the more, the better. With more payment providers available there’s a larger chance that there is a provider for the preference of each player.

The more players that can be given an option they like the higher the score in their lottery website review.

In my opinion, the most convenient payment method here in India is an e-wallet. Two great e-wallets that I personally recommend are Skrill and Neteller.

Their transaction speed is instant and almost all lottery websites accept them completely free of fees. They are also super easy to use which is a big plus.

Also, to help you out, I have made several guides on how to make payments to online lotteries. These include:

Mobile Lottery Websites

mobile lottery in india

In this day and age, there is no reason to be bound to a computer if you want to play online lotteries.

All the websites that I recommend work great on your mobile so you can enjoy playing wherever you are.

I mean you might even be reading this on your cell phone.

We take mobile compatibility very seriously here at Online Lotteries so you can be sure to find just how good each mobile website is.

Some things I consider are:

  • Is it easy to navigate?
  • How does it work to buy online lottery tickets on your mobile?
  • Is customer support available on the mobile site as well?

Customer Support

The customer support is your human contact with the online lottery sites and of course as a paying or potential customer you expect impeccable service, or at least I do.

In my reviews of worldwide lotteries, you can find out everything you need about the customer support available at each lotto website. Some examples are

  • What languages the support is available in
  • Opening hours
  • What channels of communication are available like live Chat, email, telephone
  • Is there FAQ page and how good is it

In-depth Lottery Reviews – Safe lottery experience

If you read this far, you know exactly what to expect from lottery sites featured on this page.

I feel confident enough to say that, here at Online Lotteries, you will not only find a list of reviewed lotteries in India but all lotteries featured are safe and secure to play at.

I hope you enjoy playing as much as I do and the best of luck in winning a life-changing jackpot! My best tip is to try out my favourite lottery review below!


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