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Ramesh Apte

Editor-In-Chief Ramesh

Last updated on 9th March 2021

Published: 07/02/2020

Millionaire Chances from Dubai!

bruj al arabDubai lottery or DDF lottery as it is also known as is a UAE lotto provider. It’s located in Dubai airport and is both a physical and an online lottery.

You can, therefore, purchase tickets both on your phone or computer and in person at the Dubai airport.

The Dubai Duty Free (DDF) lottery was started in 1999 and later opened a website where travellers from all over the world can purchase lottery tickets.

The site is currently not available in Hindi, nor are the prizes available in rupees. Since this lotto has a long list of Indian players I thought it was due to be revised.

I tried out all the features and I’ll let you know just want I think in the lottery review below.

Is Dubai Lottery secure to play at?

Usually, when I make lotto reviews I am dedicated to sites that offer a wide range of international lotteries and I can easily look at things such as licenses and online security certificates to ensure their legitimacy.

Since the Dubai Duty Free lottery is an airport lottery that later became available online I will have to take a different approach. Let’s start with their website security.

The Dubai airport lottery does have SSL encryption on its site provided by Digicert so you don’t have to worry about your personal details being stolen which is a good thing.

A bad thing is that they seem to be having problems with frauds. If they are targetting people who are already playing there is a chance that someone who works there is selling the e-mails of players.

Fraud message from dubai lotto
Information box on DDF lottery website

This means you might get scammed when playing the Dubai Lottery online.

As for buying tickets at the airport, there is no doubt that is super safe. There are official vendors throughout the airport and it is all very secure.

So is the Dubai lottery trusted and safe to play at?

Well, since they have two locations where you can buy tickets this is a two-part answer.

If you want to purchase Dubai Duty Free online lottery tickets I would recommend you to consider other safer alternatives.

There are plenty of online lotteries that don’t have issues with frauds so you and your payment details are safe.

Buying tickets at the airport is 100% recommended since it is both safe and secure.

Dubai Lottery welcome bonus

The Dubai lottery is not a traditional online lottery provider and as such it does not have a welcome bonus. There is no bonus at all available for that matter.

If you are looking to start your online lottery adventure with a bonus you can take a look at any of my top three lotteries below.

Their bonuses are written in the description.

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How to withdraw & pay

Withdrawing and paying online at DDF lottery is not the easiest. To be able to pay for a ticket you will need to make an account at the Dubai duty free website.

Make an Account

You will need to provide:

  • Name
  • E-mail
  • Mobile Number
  • Passport number (Yikes!)
  • Nationality
hand with two credit cards

Make a Payment

Once you have an account you can purchase tickets with the following cards:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express

Since there is only one winner of each lotto provided by DDF you can only get paid through bank wire transfer.

It is unclear how it works if you win a car or a motorbike since they do not have that information available. I contacted Customer Support but did not get an answer.

Lotto Games at Dubai Online Lottery

The Dubai Duty Free online lottery has a total of three raffles available with several series running at the same time.

You can join whichever serie you would like within each lotto game. The games available are:

  • Millennium Millionaire
  • Finest Surprise Car
  • Finest Surprise Bike

Each of the games can be played by buying a lottery ticket either at the airport or online.

There are no extra features available for the Dubai lottery games such as multi-draw, subscription or syndicates.

It is possible to create your own syndicate for the Dubai online lottery. You find out how to do so in my lottery syndicate article.

The Dubai Duty Free Lottery is a lotto reseller which means that they sell tickets for their own games, unlike agents or bookkeepers.

Each Dubai Lottery ticket price is different depending on which raffle you want to play.

There have been many Dubai Duty Free lottery winners from India since there is a large number of ex-pats that enjoy playing. You can even find a Dubai Duty free winner list on their website.

Millenium Millionaire

Millienium millionaire tickets cost 1000 AED (≈19400 INR) to buy at the airport. It costs 50 AED more to purchase a Millenium Millionaire ticket online since they add an extra 5% VAT.

These are the most expensive tickets online lottery tickets available. If you want to play it might be a good idea to share tickets like in the El Gordo lotto.

There are several different series available at the same time with 5000 tickets each. In each serie there is only one winner that will claim a jackpot of one million USD.

The Millenium Millionaire draw takes place once all tickets for the serie have been sold.

Finest Surprise Car

The Finest Surprise Car tickets are also quite expensive as a single entry will cost you 500 AED (≈9700 INR) at the Dubai airport. To purchase a Finest Surprise Car ticket online will cost an additional 25 AED due to the 5% VAT.

There are several different series available at all times with one possible winner. Each serie has either 1300 tickets or 2300 tickets available depending on what brand of car you can win.

Below you can see some of the previous prizes and how many tickets each raffle had.

sports car
PrizeAmount of tickets
Mercedes Benz S560 Diamond White1300
Bentley Bentayga V8 White / Hotspur2300
BMW 759Li xDrive M Sport Mineral White1300
Range Rover HSE 360 PS Fuji White1300

Finest Surprise car draws take place once all the tickets have been sold for each car.

Finest Surprise Bike

Just like its namesake, Finest Surprise Bike allows you to win a brand new vehicle but in this raffle, you can win a motorbike.

A Finest Surprise Bike ticket will cost you 100 AED (≈1940 INR)in the airport and an additional 5% VAT if you purchase the ticket online.

There are several different series running at once each with its own jackpot prize. Each of the series has a thousand tickets each.

Some of the previous prizes that have been won are:

  • Moto Guzzi V85 TT
  • Moto Guzzi Audace
  • Aprilia Tuono RR
  • Moto Guzzi Milano
  • Aprilia Shiver 900
  • Moto Guzzi V7

Once all tickets have been sold for a serie the Finest Surprise Bike draw takes place.

Loyalty program & campaigns

Even though there are tons of reoccurring customers at the Dubai lottery they do not offer a loyalty program. Maybe Colm Mcloughlin, the CEO of Dubai Duty Free, will add it in the future but till then you can look elsewhere.

I believe strongly that you should be rewarded for your loyalty and dedication and I know that there are several great lottery sites in India that actually offer VIP programs.

At LottoSmile, for example, you can get up to 20% off all your lottery ticket purchases if you reach their highest VIP level.

Another good site that offers a loyalty program is Playhugelottos where you get points for each purchase made. The points, in turn, can be traded for free lottery tickets.

Review of mobile version

The mobile site of the Dubai online lottery is nothing noteworthy. It works as you would expect from a site that does not have a mobile approach.

You can navigate the site but saying that it is easy would be a lie. Although it is not a challenge either it just isn’t smooth.

Since they do not have a dedicated app for the lottery it does not matter if you have an iPhone, Android, iPad or whatever other devices you might use that has a mobile browser.

I do not recommend making purchases on your cellphone since you could easily make a mistake.

If you are deadset on buying a ticket from the Dubai lottery online then do so on your computer to avoid any mishaps.

Customer support

The Dubai online lottery customer support is not exclusively for lotto customers.

All Dubai Duty Free related questions get handled by one single customer support unit meaning that it might take some time to get in touch with them.

You can reach them by e-mail, post, telephone, FAX or a toll-free UAE number.

You can also visit their offices adjacent to the Dubai airport.

They do not officially offer Hindi as a customer support language but you might by chance get connected with an Indian ex-pat to help you.

Responsible gambling

As for responsible gambling I was surprised to find none at all. Even more so when I realized there are no age restrictions for who can play.

There was even an Indian baby that won Millenium Millionaire when a father bought a ticket in his son’s name.

Since the ticket prices are so expensive it might not be a problem for most but till I see it as irresponsible to let children gamble if they wish to do so.

If you want to learn about how to protect yourself when playing you can take a look at my article on responsible gambling in India. You can read more about how to avoid problem gambling and how to manage your bankroll.

Our 5 Cents Why to Play at Dubai Lottery

The Dubai lottery is very popular among Indian ex-pats and travellers but recently players from all over the world have tried out their luck from the comfort of their own home.

With online purchases available you could play from India but my recommendation is not to!

Since the Dubai online lottery is like the Big Ticket lottery there are so many better alternatives available online.

Now if you have your ways by the Dubai airport I definitely think you should get a ticket to at least one of the raffles.

Below I will summarize my 5 top reasons to play Dubai lottery at the airport!

  1. Good chances of winning
  2. Cool car and bike prizes
  3. Lots of vendors available at the airport
  4. Safe and secure when buying a paper ticket
  5. Opportunity to choose what prize you want to play

So if you are going to Dubai soon, take a chance! If not, take a look at any of my other online lottery reviews available in India and see if there is any that suit you.