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Ramesh Apte

Editor-In-Chief Ramesh

Last updated on 19th February 2021

Published: 23/05/2020

Emir Worthy Lotto Experience!

Emirates Loto is the most modern Arab lotto available and the first Fatwa-approved digital lottery operator in the United Arab Emirates.

It started in April 2020 and had its first winner already on the first draw.

An lucky player won AED 350 000 which is around Rs. 72 lakh on 18 of April.

The draw is always live and can be seen on the Emirates Loto website or their Facebook page or youtube channel.

Each draw is presented by Indian model Aishwarya Ajit and Lebanese presenter Wissam Breidy.

The lottery sites headquarters are in Dubai.

As of now the site does not offer rupees or is available in Hindi.

Enough intro let’s get started with this Emirates Loto review!

Is Emirates Loto secure to play at?

As usual with my lottery reviews, safety is the most important part.

Emirate Loto is sanctioned by the UAE government and has a Fatwa lottery approval issued by the General Authority of Islamic Affairs & Endowments in Abu Dhabi.

Furthermore, it has SSL encryption issued by Amazon to keep your personal details safe from outside threats.

I also try to find Indian winners of each lottery I review to see how good it is for desi players. I can happily say that there have already been several Indian Emirates Loto winners!

So is Emirates Loto trusted?

Yes, you can definitely trust this international lottery.

Emirates Loto Welcome Bonus

Sadly there is no Emirates Loto welcome bonus available.

Typically Arab lotteries do not offer any kinds of welcome bonuses but occasionally they do have promotions.

If you want to start playing online lottery with a welcome bonus you can take a look at any of the lotteries below.

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How to withdraw & pay

Withdrawing and paying is a bit confusing at this lottery. The problem is that the lottery does not sell tickets but collectable cards.

The collectable cards, also known as Emirates Loto tickets, cost AED 35 and feature scenic structures throughout the UAE.  Each card has a code on the back which can be used to redeem for a lottery entry.

If you buy your collectables online you can get them sent home to you in India for an extra charge of AED 50.emirates loto tickets

Collectable tickets are also available among more than a thousand vendors throughout UAE.

You can only make purchases with VISA or MasterCard online and in-stores. Cash is also accepted among the Emirates Loto ticket vendors in the United Arab Emirate.

To claim a prize you need to submit an application in the app or on their webpage.

Once your claim is sent in, a representative will reach out to you and help you with your withdrawal.

Emirates Loto Mahzooz

As of yet, there is only one game available at Emirate Loto which is called Mahzooz.

The starting jackpot is AED 35 million and it increases with 5 million for each draw the jackpot isn’t won.

This can happen a total of 5 times until the Emirates Loto jackpot reaches AED million which is the maximum limit.

To play Mahzooz you need to choose a total of 6 numbers from 1 to 49.

If you match all 6 then congratulations, you’re a jackpot winner!

There are also prizes for matching 5, 4 and 3 numbers.

Numbers MatchedPrize Won
6Jackpot of AED 35-50 Million
52nd Prize of AED 1 Million
4AED 300
3Free Entry to Upcoming Draw

You can find the latest Emirates Loto results on their website and the current jackpot size.

Loyalty Program & Campaigns

Arab lotteries are not known for rewarding their players but tend to treat everyone the same.

It doesn’t matter if you have played hundreds of lottery tickets or if it’s the first time you play, you get nothing extra.

I personally think this is really bad since I am an avid lotto player.

I would never play frequently on a site that doesn’t reward my loyalty and the money I’ve spent.

If you are going to play frequently I do not recommend this lottery site. If you just want to try one or two draws it could work but in the long run, it would be a bad investment.

There are so many other sites that give free tickets and free money the more you play so better to spend your time there.

I recommend my favourite below.

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Review of mobile version

Emirates Loto offers two apps and has a mobile browser site so you can easily enjoy this lottery with your smartphone.

The android app can easily be downloaded from Google Play, no apk needed!

If you have an iPhone or iPad you can download the IOS application from the Apple app store.

The apps work great but sometimes delays can occur for no reason. Hopefully, this is just a problem right now since they are new.

To be honest the apps are the best way to play Emirates Loto.

Customer support

The customer support at Emirates Loto can be reached by two means, phone and by email.

To contact the customer service through e-mail you first have to send them a message through either the contact us page on the website or through the app.

If you want help by phone you can call the UAE toll-free number 800 5825 or +971 4 571 3410 from anywhere else in the world.

The toll lines are open 9.30 am to 11.30 pm IST, 7 days a week.

Responsible gambling

Even though it’s a new and modern lottery it does not have an up to date approach when it comes to responsible gambling.

Risk gambling is real and even though it is not as common among lotteries it is important for each provider to make sure ALL players are protected.

Since some of the lower quality gambling sites don’t have it I have set up a responsible gambling page myself you can check out.

What is good though is that some of the income of the lottery goes to social service in the UAE.

Our 5 Cents Why to Play at Emirates Loto

As per usual with Arab lotteries, I only recommend playing Emirates Loto if you are in the UAE.

It still has a bit left to be called a good online lottery but I am sure I will change my opinion in the future. But until the end, I wouldn’t play online, it’s not bad, it just isn’t good either.

Click on any of the links to operators throughout this review if you want to try out a genuinely great online lottery.

If you are based in the UAE, on the other hand, let me give you my 5 reasons why to play Emirates Loto.

  • Decent Ticket Price
  • Great Live Draw
  • Simple Game
  • More than 1000 vendors in the UAE
  • Fun Collectibles

If you want to play online lotteries this is probably not the game for you but it is definitely great to enjoy by buying a ticket from a vendor in UAE.