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Ramesh Apte

Editor-In-Chief Ramesh

Last updated on 22nd April 2021

Published: 13/11/2019

An online lottery that makes you smile!

LottoSmile will definitely do just what their name hints, put a smile on your face! This online lottery site is TheLotters tribute to India with them creating a portal exclusively for desi customers.

The lottery concern behind LottoSmile has been providing a lotto agent service since 2002. The Indian site LottoSmile, on the other hand, saw the light of day the summer of 2019.

Since it is so new it has not yet had time to implement important features such as supporting rupees or making the site available in Hindi.

Don’t worry though, with their India focus you can be sure that you can read about your favourite games in Hindi and make deposits and withdrawals in rupees in no time!

But enough intro, let’s get started with this LottoSmile lottery review so you can learn about all the great games and features awaiting you.

Is LottoSmile secure to play at?

The constant question when making payments to any site is if you can trust it. So, is LottoSmile trusted?

Yes and for good reasons!

First of all, LottoSmile operates under TheLotter enterprises brand and has as such a gambling license provided by the Malta Gaming Authority. MGA is known as one of the strictest and most respected license providers in the world which means you can be sure that you will always be treated correctly.

On top of this, they have a Sectigo SSL certificate. All your personal data such as name, address and card number are protected with several layers of encryption. You can make deposits and withdrawals worry free!

Lastly, I like to look at what other people are saying about a lotto site when I make a review. Since LottoSmile is so new there aren’t that many testimonials yet but so far only positive reviews.

It is easy to understand though since the team behind this Indian lottery site have been working with online lottos for more than 17 years.

LottoSmile welcome bonus

I am proud to say that at LottoSmile you can get an amazing welcome bonus that gives you 25% off your first online lottery ticket purchase. You might be wondering why I am proud of LottoSmile having a welcome bonus.

It’s because this discount is exclusive to Online Lotteries India readers!

If you have read any of my other dependable lottery site reviews by now you know that most lotto sites don’t provide a welcome bonus which makes the LottoSmile bonus even better.

LottoSmile also provides a great loyalty program, which you can read more about further down in this review, and amazing seasonal promotions.

So expect to be rewarded for each rupee spent and be on the lookout for exciting promotions.

The easiest way to be up to date on new lottery bonuses and promotions is to sign up for the newsletter when you make an account.

How to withdraw & pay

Depositing and withdrawing at LottoSmile is a piece of cake.

The best news is that there is no LottoSmile minimum deposit and the minimum withdrawal is set at just $1!

All you need to do is choose to deposit with either VISA or MasterCard and then you’re good to go. Below you can see a table of available payment providers with the maximum deposit and maximum withdrawal.

Payment ProviderMaximum DepositMaximum Withdrawal
Bank TransferNot available for deposits$50 000

As far as I know, and I know quite a bit, there is no lottery website in India that has such a low minimum withdrawal. You can easily withdraw your money after you win on the lottery, no matter how small or big prize!

Now let’s take a look at how to withdraw money from LottoSmile. Withdrawals between $1 up to $1000 can easily be done on the website by a quick request.

If you win an amount above the $1000 and want to withdraw it use the bank transfer option. If you want to withdraw more than the maximal limit to your card one of the many talented LottoSmile customer support agents will help you.

To avoid any possible technical errors try to use the same card for your deposits and withdrawals.

Last but not least, all deposits and withdrawals are completely free of charge!

Lotto Games at LottoSmile

The LottoSmile lottery section boasts more than 50 of the top international lotteries. You can enjoy European favourites like the German lotto 6 aus 49 and Poland lotto as well as American giants like Mega Millions and the New York Lotto.

As LottoSmile is a lottery agent each ticket you purchase is an official entry. Even though international lotteries are open to all nationalities many still have rules that require ticket purchases to be made in the country.

As such, lotto agents buy physical lottery tickets for you which is your online entry.

At LottoSmile you can play the lottery by purchasing:

  • Standard Entries – Choose your own lucky numbers or let chance completely decide your fate and go with randomized numbers.
  • Multi-Draw – Buy tickets for multiple draws with a discount. The more draws you decide to play the higher your discount.
  • Subscription – Purchase entries automatically with a subscription, never miss a prize that your numbers might have won! Start and cancel whenever you want.
  • Syndicates – Buy shares in a lottery syndicate group. Get various lines of numbers for the fraction of the price. Share the numbers and the prizes with other players and get payouts equivalent to the percentage of your shares.
  • Bundles – Get the best of both worlds. Bundles work as a mix of syndicates and personal play. At a discounted price you can buy bundles that give you access to both syndicates and personal tickets allowing you to both increase your chances of winning and to choose your own numbers!

Now that you know how you can play we can take a peek at the top online lotteries available at LottoSmile.

LottoSmile Ticket Price

With so many games available the LottoSmile ticket price can differ a lot. Not only the games affect the ticket price but also what kind of entry you buy.

Below you can find a list of the ticket prices of the top lotteries available at LottoSmile.

Lottery GameTicket Price
La Primitiva€2.50
Oz Lotto€2.02
€1 is about 80 Indian Rupees. Make sure to check the current exchange rate for the most accurate price.


I am sure you have heard about Powerball before but if you haven’t let me summarize it real quick. It is a record-holding lottery known for the world’s largest jackpot.

In January of 2016 three players shared a jackpot of 1, 586.4 billion US dollars!

It is easy to play Powerball at LottoSmile, all you need to do is choose how. For €4.41 you can buy a single entry

You can also purchase a share to a Powerball syndicate with 200 lines for €12.25.

You can of course also play by multi-draw, subscription or bundles as well.


At LottoSmile you can enjoy the top European lottery, EuroJackpot.

You can play EuroJackpot at LottoSmile by any of the methods available.

A single EuroJackpot ticket costs €5.75 and there are three different bundles available, Deluxe, Premium and Extra.

  • Classic – Includes a syndicate with 45 lines + a personal entry for €20.33.
  • Deluxe – Gives you access to a EuroJackpot syndicate with 45 lines + one personal entry with 2 lines for €25.30
  • Premium – Includes a syndicate with 145 lines + one personal entry for €37.11

All bundles come at discounted prices.

Loyalty program & campaigns

Now we have reached the LottoSmile loyalty program which I mentioned earlier. It is called the VIP club and gives you the red carpet service you deserve.

Expect huge savings on tickets and the very best lottery promotions!

Talking about ticket savings the VIP program allows you to save money on each purchase up to 20%.

On top of all this, you will also receive a personal account manager that will give you prioritized lottery assistance 24/7.

The LottoSmile VIP program has 5 levels, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and the sought after Diamond.

You are given access to the different levels depending on how many purchases you make. Each dollar spent entitles you to a VIP point that allow to level up.

VIP LevelVIP PointsDiscount
Platinum2001 – 500012.5%
Gold501 -20007,5%
Silver201 – 5005%
Bronze51 – 2002,5%

Review of mobile version

LottoSmile offers not one, not two but three dedicated lottery apps! You can enjoy all the online lotteries you want with their Android app, iPad app or iPhone app.

Using an app to play online lotteries is extremely convenient. You can get push notifications to inform you on:

  • Lottery results
  • Promotions and bonuses
  • Jackpot Alerts

You can also enjoy seamless navigation with excellent UX design. If you can’t use the app or just don’t want too you can enjoy the mobile browser lottery site.

It works exactly like the desktop version only with menus and buttons optimized for mobile use.

I prefer and recommend the apps because they give you a better oversight of lotteries and you can buy tickets in a matter of seconds.

Customer support

The customer support at SmileLotto is just as good as you would expect. As a premium lottery site you can get in touch with customer support agents through phone, live chat or email.

The live chat and phone hotline are open 24/7 and if you write an email through the contact form available on the site you can expect an answer within 24 hours.

There is also an excellent FAQ available allowing you to get quick answers to common doubts.

As mentioned Hindi is currently not available but as LottoSmile is a 100% Indian dedicated lottery site you can expect to be able to get service in Hindi soon.

Responsible gambling

Although LottoSmile does not have a dedicated page towards responsible gaming they still take it very seriously. This is evident through their cooperations with problem gaming help organizations.

At the bottom of all the sites pages, you can find the logos of GamblersAnonymous and GamCare. As soon as you feel you might have the slightest problem you can get in contact with these organizations and access 24/7 support.

Furthermore, they make sure that all players are 18+ years of age preventing underage gambling.

Head over to my article on responsible gaming if you want to educate yourself more on the subject.

Our 5 Cents Why to Play at LottoSmile

Now that you have reached the end of my LottoSmile lottery review I hope you at least had a small grin on your face at some point when reading.

I know I had one when writing it, I mean it is hard to find such a complete lottery site that focuses on India exclusively.

With so many great features it is hard to summarize LottoSmile but I will do my best. Here are my top 5 reasons why should try this Indian lottery site!

  1. More than 50 international lottos available.
  2. Easy to withdraw money
  3. Constant rewards with the VIP club
  4. Exclusively dedicated to Indian players
  5. 100% safe and secure

These are just the top 5 reasons to play but if you read the whole review you know that LottoSmile has a lot more to give. So the question now is, are you ready to start your lotto adventure?

Sign up now to get access to the latest promotions and the most exciting lotteries out there!