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Ramesh Apte

Editor-In-Chief Ramesh

Last updated on 22nd April 2021

Published: 03/09/2019

Play huge lottos from India!

Playhugelottos is one of the top online lottery websites for, yeah you guessed it, huge lotteries! On this website, you can enjoy all the best international lotteries safely and comfortably from your own home.

Playhugelottos was founded in 1998 and with a quite simple goal, to assist players worldwide with entering the UK lottery. In 1998 the UK lottery was what Powerball is now, the lottery with the biggest jackpot.

Since then more than 20 years have past and they have many amazing milestones to prove it! They have websites in 11 different languages, they have sold more than 3,5 crore lottery tickets and have had more than 550 000 big winners!

In this Playhugelottos review, you can learn more about the pros and cons of this lotto agent, bonuses and promotions, how to start playing and how to become one of the many winners!

Since this is one of my most in-depth Indian lottery website reviews I added a table of contents for easier navigation.

Is Playhugelottos secure to play at?

For me, safety is always number one. I have worked hard for my money and of course and don’t want someone to trick me. Therefore I always pull out my glasses and investigate each site like I am Byomkesh Bakshi!

I mainly look at three things that say a lot about the authenticity of the website:

  • Gambling Licenses
  • Security Certificates
  • Quora

To be able to receive a license a company needs to open its books and allow a government body to investigate them.  A license is only rewarded to companies that have a squeaky clean track record.

Any previous activity that looks suspicious will result in being denied a license.

Playhugelottos has a Curacao gaming license, Curacao is an island province that belongs to the Netherlands. Therefore you can be sure you will be treated right by this lottery website.

Even though a license is the most credible source that you will be treated right it is also important to note that other people can scam you.

Therefore it is important that security measures have been taken. Playhugelottos has a Comodo SSL security certificate. All your data is consequently protected with several layers of encryption.

Every experience counts so that is why I also check Quora and similar sites to see what other people are saying. Overall the opinions are positive.

The only ones complaining are the ones who have used promotion and not read the terms and conditions and therefore have run into problems.

Further down in this Playhugelottos review you can read more about the bonuses and their terms.

So, all in all, is Playhugelottos trusted and safe?

Yes, it is!

Playhugelottos Welcome Bonus

Playhugelottos is all about rewarding their players. Sadly there is no Welcome Bonus available but there are other great promotions.

If you have your birthday coming up soon you should register quickly since all players get a birthday surprise! It could be anything from lottery credits to free lottery tickets!

They also have a Tell-a-friend promotion right now. All you need to do is write your friend’s e-mail address in a form that can be found on the lottery website. If one of your friends then sign up you will get 5 SuperEna Max entries!

My recommendation would be to sign your friends up, then send them a link to this Playhugelottos review so they can read for themselves the benefits of playing.

Before you know it your account will be full of SuperEna Max entries!


At Playhugelottos you can enjoy several exciting competitions. The competitions are divided into three different categories depending on what kind of reward you receive.

  • Dream Holiday Prizes and Experiences
  • Lottery Player Competitions
  • Gadget Competitions

Dream Holiday Prizes and Experiences

Playhugelottos believes that everyone needs a rest from their day to day every once in a while. When you buy a lottery ticket you can get a quick escape in your head dreaming of all the things you might do when you win.

Another escape could be going on your dream holiday and enjoying an amazing experience. During the years this online lotto site offers several competitions where you can win a trip to the most amazing places. Just take a look at some of the previous ones and what was included!

Monaco F1 Grand Prix CompetitionPlay at least one ticket on your favourite lotteryFlights & transport to Monaco, 5-star hotel accommodation, Pit-lane access, Spending money, Exclusive reception drinks with past racing champions and current drivers and VIP balcony views of the race
The Sky’s The LimitPlay one lotto ticket2 flight tickets to anywhere in the world & 2,000 Euro in cash!
Cricket World Cup 2011 CompetitionPlay a ticket at any lotto2 tickets to the final, 5-star Hotel accommodation and return flights to the Cricket World Cup Final in Mumbai

Now, this is just three of the competitions that they have had in the past, you can be sure to find even more exciting ones in the future!

Lottery Player Competitions

These events allow players to compete for prizes that allow them to play more lotteries, just take a look at some of the previous prizes!

In It ‘Till You Win ItPurchase a Bundle play optionFree lottery tickets until you hit the jackpot
February FeverPlay any lotteryALL winnings are doubled for ALL players in the month of February
Awesome AugustPurchase any lotto ticket, each ticket gives you a higher chance of winning500 GBP free play credit, 750 GBP free play credit, 500 free SuperEna Max tickets, 50% discount on all lotto purchases made in September

Gadgets Competitions

I don’t know about you but I am a tech geek. I really love new gadgets that can give your regular life a little boost! Below you can see some of the previous competitions and what you could win.

As Seen On TVVote for the best Playhugelottos commercial“42” LG LED Television
Spot-The-BallGuess where a football is in an altered image during the 2012 Euro cupA home theatre system or £2 000
Super 7’s GadgetPurchase a Super 7’s bundleiPad2 64GB, Canon Powershot G12 camera, and a Sony Home Cinema BDV-E370

As you can see there are endless possibilities of winning amazing prizes. As you might have seen some of the events are even free to enter.

Playhugelottos Indian Winners

Since this one of the most popular lotto sites in India there has been a lot of Indian lottery winners. Below you can see some of the amazing prizes of the Playhugelottos Indian winners.

  • 2010 – N. Thakkar – Monaco F1 Grand Prix Winner
  • 2011 – C. Harshall – Cricket World Cup winner
  • 2015 – J. Patel – €500 lottery play credit
  • 2016 – Subbarayagounder Balusam – Monaco F1 Grand Prix
  • 2018 – S. Patel – 500 free tickets for SuperEna Max

If you want your name in this list of winners all you need to do is start playing!

Deposit and withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals at Playhugelottos are as easy as one, two, three.

  1. Choose your preferred payment provider
  2. Select how much to deposit or withdraw
  3. Enjoy either your new funds to buy tickets or your well-deserved winnings!

See it couldn’t be easier! As far as payment providers are concerned there are more than 20 different lotto payment options available. The most relevant for us Indian players are the following:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Bank Wire Transfer

Deposits made with all options except bank wire transfers appear instantly. Bank wire transfer can take up to 5 business days.

Withdrawals can be made with all the same options as deposits except credit cards due to international banking regulations.

Funds will appear instantly once accepted on e-wallets and 1-3 business days for the other providers.

If you win a big win Playhugelottos has independent financial advisors that will help you with your payment and financial management.

The Playhugelottos minimum withdrawal is $15, £10 or €12.

Loyalty program & campaigns

Playhugelottos has an excellent VIP program called the Lotto Points Program. It is known as one of the most generous loyalty rewards programs available for online lotteries.

Each non-discounted purchase you make will give you LottoPoints. These points, in turn, can be used to buy lottery tickets. Essentially you get free international lottery tickets for being a loyal customer.

The Playhugelottos loyalty program also rewards your activity. What they mean by this is that you can get rewarded by being a part of their community.

If you start playing you will see that there are several places where you can comment on what you think. Each comment you make, you can be awarded LottoPoints.

You can also be rewarded LottoPoints by giving feedback on different areas on the website. For example, if you notice a bug and report it you can earn LottoPoints as well!


At Playhugelottos you can play more than 14 of the best international lotteries available. You can play both the American mega-jackpot lotteries Mega Millions and Powerball. There are also great European lotteries available like EuroMillions and EuroJackpot.

They also have the best seasonal lottery available – El Gordo! This lottery has the world’s largest lottery pot and grows from year to year.

I am 100% sure that you can find at least one lottery that you will love!

Lottery Agent

Playhugelottos is what is known as a lottery agent. This means every ticket you buy at this site, they will send out one of their agents to buy you a real physical ticket.

They have agents all over the world that help them acquire tickets for you at all the best lotteries. The lottery ticket then gets uploaded to your account and you can be sure that it is safe.

The reason they do it is that even though many international lotteries accept players worldwide they only have ticket resellers in their country of origin so you need someone to buy it for you, in this case, Playhugelottos.

Ways to play

There are several different ways to play at Playhugelottos. These include:

  • Quick play – Numbers are chosen randomly and you play one draw.
  • Subscription – Subscribe to your favourite lottery so you don’t miss any draws. You can yourself choose how many draws you want to play, if not specified you will play until you end the subscription.
  • Bundles – You can buy several lottery tickets in a bundle. Bundles always have a discounted price, the discounted amount depends on how many draws you want to play.
  • Intelliplay – This feature allows you to choose your preferred conditions to play. Once the conditions are met a ticket is automatically bought. There are several different requirements you can set. Two examples are: To play your preferred lottery automatically whenever the jackpot is above a certain size or to play automatically whenever the draw has rolled over a certain number of times.

Playhugelottos Mobile app

Sadly there is no lottery mobile app available at this lotto site but don’t worry. They have an excellent mobile browser lottery site.

The mobile site has been optimized so you can with ease do everything you could do on a computer. You can still access all the same international lotteries.

The good thing about only providing a mobile site is the fact that no one will get excluded. It doesn’t matter if you have an android, iPad, iPhone or Windows phone you are still free to enjoy Playhugelottos!

I myself prefer playing on mobile since its more convenient. I mean, I always have my mobile with me but not my laptop.

Customer support

The customer support can be contacted through live chat, call back or e-mail. Any issues you may have can be resolved quickly through your preferred means of communication.

When playing myself I noticed that the few issues I had could be solved by looking at their FAQ. For example, if your payment is not accepted for some reason you are most likely able to find out why if you look in the FAQ.

There are several hotlines available but sadly not for India yet. If you want to talk to a customer service agent by phone you will have to request a callback. You can easily do so on the “Contact Us” page.

Top 5 reasons to play at Playhugelottos

You have now reached the end of this Playhugelottos review. I always believe the easiest way to remember what you have read is by summarizing it quickly.

Below you will find the top 5 reasons why you should start playing at PLayHugeLottos!

  • Amazing Competitions
  • Diverse bonuses
  • Great features to play
  • Rewarding loyalty program
  • 100% safe and trusted

Take a chance and how knows, you might be the next crorepati!

Playhugelottos is super easy to use and 100% safe.

Take control of your fate today and enjoy the thrills of a great online lottery site!

Best of luck and may a jackpot come your way soon!