SuperEnaLotto SuperStar and Jolly Numbers Explained

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Ramesh Apte

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Updated 11/04/2020

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How do SuperEnaLotto SuperStar and Jolly Numbers work?

SuperEnaLotto is a top international online lottery that traces back to the 1950s. It was rebranded as “Super” in 1997 and has been held ever since from the world’s most beautiful city, Rome.

There are three draws a week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. They are live-broadcasted at 20:20 (CET). A ticket to participate in the draw costs €1.

Now, for such a small ticket price, this draw can deliver unimaginable prizes. Believe it or not, the highest jackpot prize won on SuperEnaLotto was €209 million in 2019!

Previously, in 2010, a player hit €177 million, which makes SuperEnaLotto one of the most life-changing lotto draws in the entire world.

Now, the draws go this way. First, six balls from those numbered from 1 through 90 are drawn. A player needs to match those six numbers in order to win the jackpot prize.

Then, a seventh ball is drawn, known as the Jolly ball. This ball determines the winner of the second-best prize, which usually starts at €500,000 but can increase much more.

However, there’s another special number that gets drawn from a separate drum. This ball machine contains numbers from 1 through 90, from where the SuperStar number is drawn.

SuperStar Increases Your Wins

To play the SuperStar feature, you need to pay extra €0.50, but this increases the number of prizes you can win from the regular 7 to 15! If you’ve played the SuperStar number and you’ve matched it, a prize is guaranteed for you!

If you match only the SuperStar number, you get the smallest prize of €5. The odds of getting a match are 1 in 138. The overall odds of winning any SuperStar prize are 1 in 90.

However, if you match all six SuperEnaLotto numbers and the SuperStar, you get additional €2 million added to your jackpot prize!

If you match the five main SuperEnaLotto numbers, the Jolly Number and the SuperStar number, you get €1 million plus to the second-best prize you’ve won.

These two additional prizes you win if you match the SuperStar number are known as the SuperBonus prizes.

Should You Play the SuperStar and Jolly Numbers?

Considering the fact that if you match the six main numbers you could win staggering SuperEnaLotto prizes, it is more than evident that you need to participate in this draw.

Should you play the SuperStar and Jolly numbers? Definitely. As you can see, with the Jolly number, you can win the second-best prize. With the Jolly and the SuperStar numbers matched, you get €1 million on top of that prize!

But, if you match the six main numbers plus the SuperStar number, you get €2 million extra added to your jackpot prize!

For a really small additional cost of €0.50, should you be lucky enough to match five or all six main numbers, you get additional €1 million or €2 million!

You have a million reasons why you need to play these numbers, therefore, whenever you decide to purchase your lotto ticket for the SuperEnaLotto, make sure you play them!

If you feel ready to try out the SuperStar check out my favourite lottery site below!

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