The Unlikely Indian Mega Millions Winner!

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Published: 20/01/2020

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 Indian part of the biggest lottery jackpot won by a single player!

We Indians are a crucial part of many great things. We constructed some of the most beautiful structures the world has seen, we have created some of the most practised sports and our cuisine is known worldwide for its great taste and quality.

So when the worlds largest jackpot was paid out to a single player it comes as no surprise that a man of Indian descent had a pivotal role.

The biggest lottery jackpot paid out to a single player was won on Mega Millions in 2019. This is not to be confused with the world largest jackpot ever won that was Powerball jackpot worth 1.585 billion US dollars that was shared between three winning tickets.

The Mega Millions jackpot was only a tad bit smaller with a size of 1.5 billion US dollars to one single person. The winning ticket was bought in South Carolina but wasn’t claimed until 6 months after the winning numbers had been drawn.

But how was an Indian part of this record jackpot winner story?

The ticket was sold by none other than Chirag Patel an Indian American convenience store owner. “It’s exciting. Good for me, good for him, whoever it is” he said when asked about his thoughts about the winner.

Mr Patel got a $50 000 payment for selling the winning ticket. If the ticket had been left unclaimed he would’ve gotten nothing.

When Mr Patel was asked about what he would do with his prize sum he answered that he would use it to renovate the different convenience stores that he owns, including the one that sold the winning ticket.

Jackpot claimed in the nick of time

There were many speculations as to why the winner had taken such time to claim their enormous prize from one of the many sites with online lottery India.

Some theorize that the winner was on the run from the law and feared that he/she would lose the prize if claimed. Another hypothesis is that the winner had become so overwhelmed when seeing the winning numbers that they had died on the spot.

Popular speculation is also that the ticket was purchased by a syndicate with unclear rules so that all the members were fighting with each other.

The last one can easily happen so take a look at my lottery syndicate article if you are interested in starting one.

In the end, not much is known other than the Mega Millions winner stepped forth just in time to claim the prize.

Since that winner decided to remain anonymous it’s impossible to say what they will do with the money but an interesting statement came from the winner.

Apparently, the winner decided to let another person pass in front of them in line to purchase a Mega Millions ticket before they bought their ticket and through that act of kindness they won.

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