Bodoland Lottery India Review 2022

bodoland lotto

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  • Maximum JackpotRs 50,000
  • Ticket costRs. 2
  • Draw DaysEveryday

The Ultimate Guide to the Bodoland Lottery! Try out your luck on one of Indias cheapest lotteries and win small prizes! Plenty of draws to play but not available online. Buy your tickets from retailers throughout Bodoland or try international lotteries online from anywhere in India.

Guide to playing Bodoland lottery

The Bodoland lottery is one of the several government lotteries held on the territory of Assam state. However, the Bodoland region has a separate set of draws apart from the Assam lotteries.

If you go looking for Bodoland websites, you could really get lost, because not much information is shared on the internet about this lottery. That’s mainly because it is not played online.

However, since I know that while you love your cricket, music, and dance, you also love participating in the lotteries, I have made sure I investigate the Bodoland lottery case and share what I found with you.

Stay with me on this, and you’ll learn as much about this lottery as you can so that you can decide on your own whether to participate in it or not.

What is the Bodoland lotto?

The Bodoland lotto is held daily, and the results of the draws come in at 3 pm. It is conducted by the Bodoland Territorial Council Secretariat.

Usually, when players want to check the results of the draw, they visit the Secretariat’s official website, however, if you look for the results, you can find them on several sites across the internet.

Now, even though there are separate draws each day, Sunday is the day to participate because there are several draws that take place on this day.

These draws include Blue Sunday, Silver Sunday, Effort Sunday, Thunder Sunday and Ruby Sunday draws, where players can participate individually.

The price for a single ticket to participate in this lotto draw is only Rs 2, and that’s why this lottery is played by many Indian players.

The Jackpot

The Assam lottery and the Bodoland lottery are two different lotteries. Assam lottery, being the bigger one, gives bigger prizes, while the Bodoland lottery lesser prizes.

Still, the Bodoland lottery jackpot is Rs 50,000, which is not a poor prize, considering the ticket price for the draw is only Rs 2.

The second prize is Rs 7,000, while the third Rs 3,500. Fourth and fifth prize winners get Rs 200, while the sixth-place winner Rs 50.

What’s great is that the Bodoland lottery system offers several draws, so there are multiple first-prize winners in the separate series offered.

Therefore, it is safe to say that this lottery has a lot to give to those fierce Indian lotto players, waiting to hit a jackpot prize!

The Payout

Whether you’ve hit the Bodoland lottery jackpot prize or one of the five other prizes, you can claim your reward from the Bodoland Territorial Council Secretariat in Kokrajhar.

You would have to submit a claim form, which you would need to fill out previously with all the required info, a notarized copy, and the original winning ticket.

Your claim form, along with the ticket, needs to be submitted to the Secretariat 30 days from the declaration of the results. Once, submitted and approved, you will receive your prize in a lump sum.

This is similar to several other government lotteries like the Mizoram state lottery and Nagaland state lottery.

Can I buy Bodoland lottery tickets in India?

If you liked what you read so far, and you want to participate in this lottery, you should know that you cannot do it online. That being said, you need to be in India in order to buy your tickets.

The tickets for the many Bodoland lotteries accepting Indian players can be purchased only with the authorized resellers and retailers, so you have to be physically present upon purchase.

Therefore, if you’re living in another country at the moment, or you want to participate in the lottery online, you won’t be able to do so. No tickets can be purchased on the internet.

But, if you want to participate in other lottery games equally good or even better online, you’re in luck.

You have so many choices across the internet, so many international lotteries that accept Indian players and give some life-changing prizes.

To save you the trouble from wandering around the internet, I’ve managed to review and recommend to you over 50 lotto websites that you can join.

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How do I play Bodoland lottery online?

As I mentioned several times, playing the Bodoland lottery online is impossible. No tickets can be bought online, and the draw results cannot be seen in real-time, so you’d have to look for an alternative if you want to play online.

And, as I suggested, there are so many international lotteries that accept Indian players that you can join online. Just make sure you choose one of the lotto sites listed here and sign up.

Once you see all the choices of draws you can participate in, you’ll be mind-blown. And wait until you see the massive prizes they can deliver! Wow! They could really change your life, that’s for sure.

So, stop wasting your time and start playing the lotto online. Once you see all the choices you have, you’ll get so excited and start buying tickets for the draws like crazy! Enjoy the heat!