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  • Maximum Jackpot€4 000 000
  • Ticket PriceRs. 80 - 1600
  • Draw DaysDraw on 22nd of December

El Gordo originates from Spain and has the worlds largest lottery pot size. In 2018 the pot shared by lottery winners was more than Rs. 19040 crore! In this guide, you can learn how to get your part of the more than ₹19000 crore handed out each year.

Ramesh Apte

Editor-In-Chief, Ramesh

Last updated on 13th December 2021

Published: 19/05/2019

Guide to playing El Gordo lottery

El Gordo is Spain’s largest lottery and also its oldest. Thanks to online lotto agents Indian players can also enjoy this now international lottery.

To help you get started I have made a review of El Gordo, that in Spanish literally means the fat one. It is one of the biggest online lotteries and it really lives up to its name with prize pots in the billions of euros.

This lottery only occurs once a year on the 22nd of December!

I will start off by telling you about what is the El Gordo lottery. Later I will tell you all about the jackpot, the payout, how you can buy tickets at El Gordo websites and how to play.

Finally, I will end this review with an extensive FAQ to get rid of any last doubts you might have!

Let’s start so you can learn more about how you can win the fat jackpot!

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What is the El Gordo lottery?

El Gordo lotto is Spain’s most famous lottery. This is one of the crown jewels of the lotto world and is said to be the world’s second-oldest lottery still being played.

Since 1812 it has been organized every year as a Christmas lottery.

The real name of this lottery is Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad.

The name El Gordo also means the biggest prize in Spanish and since this Christmas lottery has the biggest jackpot it soon became called just El Gordo by most.

The crazy thing about the El Gordo lottery is the fact that is is so safe that it went on uninterrupted during the Spanish Civil war. So even a war won’t stop you from getting your jackpot, that’s what I would call a trusted lottery, to say the least!

The structure of this lottery is a little bit different than most other lotteries that I know of. The tickets are given 5 numbers stretching from #00000 up to #99999.

To be able to sell more tickets, numbers can be printed several times in different series.

The tickets cost €200 but since that is way too much for a lottery ticket they are divided into 10. This means you can buy a part of a ticket for €20 and you will get 10% of the prizes won.

This may sound like a lot of money for only 10%, but since this is the biggest lottery in the world in terms of prize money payouts it really isn’t.

The Jackpot

El gordo spanish christmas raffle banner

Now, this is the part I am guessing you are most interested in, the El Gordo jackpot! The thing that makes El Gordo so popular is the fact that the jackpot isn’t that huge.


Well, the immense popularity comes from the fact that your chances of winning six figures’ worth of euros are pretty high. Unlike other popular online lottery games where there is just one winner that gets more money than he can use in a lifetime, El Gordo makes thousands of people rich every year!

70% of the price of the tickets sold goes to the prize pot.

In 2018 the prize pot was €2 380 000 000! That is more than Rs. 19040 crore! 

The jackpot size is €4 000 000 and if you buy one share of a ticket you will receive €400 000. But there are still more hug prizes.

In 2006, for example, there were 180 series of the winning number that got a payout of €3 million which means the amount was paid out 180 times.

Take the Powerball, for example, your chances of winning are 1 in 292.2 million and in El Gordo there is a 1 in 100 000 chance of winning a top prize!

Since the tickets are sold in 10 parts this lottery has been famous for making entire villages rich after several people buy 1/10 of a ticket!

The Payout

The El Gordo lottery payout is in a lump sum. Since you have to buy physical tickets to play the lottery you need to play through a lotto agent.

When you win a cash prize the amount will be credited to your account and you can withdraw as much as you want straight away.

The best part of this lottery is that your chances are so much bigger to win than with other lotteries. To be honest I don’t understand why more lotteries do the same as El Gordo.

My conclusion is that it only works since it is the biggest lottery in the world. The average Spaniard, for example, buys tickets for €62.72.

Most other lotteries talk about prize pots of millions of euros or dollars but El Gordo the prize pot is in the billions!

Can I buy an El Gordo ticket in India?

El gordo logo with a ticket

Yes, you can buy tickets in India online through lotto agents.

To be able to play in the El Gordo lottery you need to have an account at an El Gordo agent website that accepts Indian players.

The most important thing to think about when choosing a lottery agent is first of all that it is safe and secondly that it suits your needs.

Sadly there are a lot of scam websites out there ruining the good name of El Gordo. I love lotteries and to help other players I decided to review more than 50 online agents that accept Indian players. I only review safe and trusted online lottos!

But before you go through my list of trusted lotto agents I recommend you to think about what you want when it comes to services.

To help you I wrote a list of the things that can differ between different lotto agents and that might help you decide.

Lotto Agent Check List

  • Promotions – Different lotto agents can have different promotions. Look for one that you like!
  • Casino – Some online casinos offer a lotto agent service as well. If you like playing casino games this might be a good choice for you!
  • Mobile compatibility – Most online lotto agents are mobile compatible but of course there are some that are better than others. If you want to play on your mobile I have written which lotto agents are especially good for mobile gaming.
  • Payment options – Make sure that your preferred payment provider is supported by the lottery website you are considering.
  • More lotteries – If you are a lottery lover like me you will probably want to play other lotteries as well. Spread out your luck and look for a lottery website that also provides other lotteries. Most likely if you can find El Gordo, you can also find lotteries like Bonoloto and La Primitiva since the same government body handles these lotteries.
  • Customer support – Some people worry and have more questions than others. If you know that you might be one of them, keep a lookout for a lottery website with 24/7 customer support.

Once you know what you want all you need to do is read my trusted reviews, sign up at your favourite lotto site and start playing!

How do I play El Gordo online?

So far it might have seemed like a lot of steps and things to think about before you play but to be honest it’s quite simple.

To clarify how to play El Gordo lottery I made a step by step list of what to do.

  1. Read my trusted lotto website reviews and choose the one you prefer.
  2. Make an account and register with your correct personal details. Make sure you use the correct ones so you don’t have any problems with your payouts once you win.
  3. Decide how you want to play. You can buy a whole number for €200 but also 1/10 of the ticket for €20. Some sites even allow you to buy smaller fractions of prices of as low as €1. I would recommend buying at least 1/10, yes it’s quite a bit of money but since the lottery is only played once a year it could be worth it! More numbers give you more excitement!
  4. Buy the ticket you prefer. Now all you have to do is wait for the big draw on the 22nd of December!
  5. Win the jackpot – this you cannot influence but pray for luck and who knows? You might be a big winner!

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