Goa State Rajshree Lottery India Review 2022

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  • Maximum Jackpot5 Crore
  • Ticket costRs. 1000
  • Draw DaysDifferent Each Draw

The Ultimate Guide to the Goa State Rajshree Lottery! Are you ready to take your chance and win one of Indias highest paying lotteries? If you are a citizen of Goa there is no doubt you need to play. If you are not a citizen of Goa there are plenty of other online options for you to choose from with even bigger prizes!

Guide to playing Goa State Rajshree Lottery

The Goa state Rajshree lottery is one of the many Bumper lotteries held on the territory of India. It is the lottery draw that takes place in order to celebrate an important Indian holiday.

The homecoming of Lord Rama and the Diwali holiday is considered sacred in India, and that’s why the citizens celebrate it with lights, bursting of crackers and fireworks.

I personally adore this holiday, and I’m sure many of you reading this article do, too. And how happy would you feel when I inform you that this holiday can become a life-changing one?

Well, that, if you participate in one of the most rewarding Bumper lotto draws in India, the Rajshree Diwali Bumper, held in Goa state.

Sadly, you can’t play the Goa State Rajshree Lottery online.

There are not as many Goa state Rajshree Lottery websites where you can learn more about the draw, so I have made sure to gather enough information for you to get you started. Excited already?


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What is the Goa state Rajshree lottery?

As introduced, this government lottery is a special draw that is held in the state of Goa, during the festivities in India, celebrating the homecoming of Lord Rama.

Just like any other Bumper draw, it is drawn each year to celebrate Diwali, and it is special because it gives bigger prizes than regular draws. The ticket price, of course, is higher, but the prizes are worth the risk.

And even though the exact date and hour of the draw may vary from year to year, the ticket price for the draw is usually Rs1,000.

To participate in it, you would have to be a citizen of Goa state. You have to buy a physical ticket for the draw because no online options exist, so you would have to get out of your house and buy a ticket.

That’s a little bit inconvenient, right? It would be so much easier if you could just purchase a ticket online. Nevertheless, the reality is such. Luckily, the prizes are worth the walk, so let’s check them out.

The Jackpot

The Goa state Rajshree lottery jackpot amount that a player wins each draw is 5 crore!

The following is the list of prizes, the number of people who can win a prize, and the prize amount that are usually offered with this draw.

PrizesNumber of Prizes AwardedPrize Amount
1st15 crore
2nd5+Rs 10 Lakhs
3rd10+Rs5 Lakhs

The Payout

The Goa state Rajshree jackpot is given to the lucky lottery winner in a lump sum. The winner is first verified by the commission and then given their prize.

Therefore, in addition to the winning ticket, the winner has to fill a claim form and provide identification photos and documents.

The player can claim a prize of less than Rs10,000 directly from the retailer where they bought their tickets. For prizes bigger than that, they need to claim the prize from the lottery organization.

Can I buy a Goa state Rajshree lottery tickets in India?

Goa State Rajshree lotteries can make any Indian player lucky. But that’s the requirement, though; you have to be a resident of India in order to purchase a ticket.

If you’re an Indian player that wants to participate in this draw, but you’re currently living outside of India, you won’t be able to buy your tickets, hence, you won’t be able to try your luck.

That’s because you can only buy tickets for the draw if you actually go to the retailers in person, and you cannot purchase them online.

goa state rajshree lottery ticket
Rajshree Diwali Bumper Ticket 2019

But, luckily, there are many international lotteries that accept Indian players, for which you can purchase tickets online and play online! Sounds fun, right?

So if you’re not residing in India right now, or you are, but you’d still want to feel the heat of playing international lotteries with millions of dollars in prizes, then you are in luck.

I have reviewed and listed over 50 online lotto sites that you can join, highly-recommended sites, which offer so many other things than just a chance to buy a ticket online.

Online Lottery Benefits

  • Plethora of Online Lotto Draws – I’ve found many sites that offer more than one draw for you to participate in. In fact, they offer so many draws that you wouldn’t know which one to choose.
  • Safe and Convenient Payment Methods – The sites I’ve listed offer payment methods with US dollars, but in Indian rupees, too! Plus, these payments can be made with world-class methods, such as credit cards, eWallets, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Playable via Mobile Devices – You can participate in international lotto draws via your mobile device, believe it or not because the sites I’ve listed are all fully mobile-optimized.
  • Lotto Freebies – You will get the chance to play your favourite lotto draw with a freebie if you join one of the sites listed here. I’ve made sure these sites give plenty of lotto bonuses and promotions for you to choose from and start your journey with a freebie.
  • Responsive Customer Support – For any uncertainty or a problem you face, you can always contact the 24/7 Customer Support agents available on the sites listed, to provide you with a seamless online gambling experience.
  • Massive Portfolios of Side Games – All of the sites listed at onlinelotteries.in offer at least one more type of games, be it slots, table games, bingo or Live Casino games. Trying these games could be a great distraction while you’re waiting for the new lotto draw to start.

Choose any of these sites and trust me, you’ll have a blast! I have inspected them personally, and may I say, they are excellent sites where you can participate in lotto draws online!

How do I play Goa state Rajshree lottery online?

You cannot. Playing Goa state Rajshree lottery online is not possible, because you cannot buy tickets online. You have to be physically present and buy your tickets in-store, with an authorized retailer.

However, as I already mentioned, you have plenty of other options if you’d like to play lotteries online. There are numerous online lottery draws that accept Indian players you can join.

International lotteries accept players from all around the world, and that’s why the prizes they give are huge! Seriously, we’re talking millions and millions of dollars.

And the tickets for these draws are really cost-effective, too. Some are worth a dollar or two, and for such a small ticket price, you could become a millionaire!

Considering the Goa state Rajshree lotto draw is only available offline, if you’re looking for online options, choose one of more than 50 lotto sites and have fun!