Lottery Sambad India Review 2022

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  • Maximum Jackpot31 Lakh
  • Ticket costRs. 6
  • Draw DaysEveryday

The complete guide on how to play the Lottery Sambad. Lotto games available every day both in the morning and evening! Try your luck out and buy Lottery Sambad tickets at official retailers or try out online lotteries with bigger prizes and faster payouts.

Guide to playing Lottery Sambad

The Lottery Sambad is particularly popular across India because it is played in multiple states. There’s no Indian lotto player who hasn’t heard of it or participated in it throughout the years.

What’s special about it is that there are three draws held during the day, so whenever you feel like it, you can join and try your luck.

You can find many Lottery Sambad websites where results can be seen, and instructions on how to participate in the draws can be found.

However, I’ve taken the time to investigate the lottery on my own, being the lotto geek that I am.

I will tell you about the essentials on how to participate and what you can win from this lottery.

Sadly, Lottery Sambad is not available online but there are plenty of other great lotteries available on the internet if you want to play from home or on the go!


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What is Lottery Sambad?

As introduced, Lottery Sambad is held across many Indian states. The Indian Supreme Court has left individual states to decide on whether they want to legally allow lotteries, so many have opted to hold this lottery.

The Indian government lotteries that offer it are Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra (Mumbai), Nagaland (Kohima), Manipur (Imphal), Kerala (Thiruvananthapuram), Mizoram (Aizawl), Goa (Panaji), Assam (Dispur),  Arunachal Pradesh (Itanagar), Sikkim (Gangtok), Punjab (Chandigarh) and West Bengal.

The morning, afternoon and evening draws start at 11:55 am, 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm, respectively. After the draws take place, you can see the results on the many sites.

The morning and evening draws are held in Nagaland, while the afternoon in West Bengal. But players from all over India participate in it. The draws are held every single day of the week.

This means that while you’re preparing a Biryani dish, your tickets could be in the race and by the time you finish eating it, you could become the next Indian jackpot winner!

The Jackpot

The Lottery Sambad jackpot differs in the three daily draws. In the morning draws and evening draws, the first prize is Rs 25 lakhs, while in the afternoon draws Rs 31 lakhs.

However, each draw gives six different prizes. Apart from the first prize, you can get the second, third, fourth, fifth or the consolation prize. The following are two tables showing you the prize breakdown:

Morning and Evening Draws

Place Prize amount
1stRs 25 lakhs
2ndRs 9,000
3rdRs 500
4thRs 250
5thRs 120
Consolation prizeRs 1,000

Afternoon Draw

PlacePrize amount
1stRs 31 lakhs
2ndRs 9,000
3rdRs 500
4thRs 310
5thRs 120
Consolation prizeRs 1,000

The Payout

Considering you’ve won a prize, you would be able to claim your payout directly from the retailers/official sellers of the lottery tickets, if your prize is a smaller one.

But, if you’ve won the Lottery Sambad jackpot, say, you would have to claim your winnings from the authorities directly. On each of the Sambad Lottery websites, you can find a claim form that you need to fill.

In addition to personal details, you would have to send the authorities photographs of you, as well as a notarized photocopy of your winning ticket, and the winning ticket itself.

All of this is required so that the authorities can confirm your identity and be certain that you own the winning ticket.

After you’ve gone through the official procedure, you will receive your payout in a lump sum, probably via a cheque.

Such a hassle to claim your well-deserved prize!

Can I buy Lottery Sambad tickets in India?

The only way to buy Lottery Sambad tickets is if you’re physically present in India because you cannot buy tickets online, but with official sellers and retailers.

That’s actually one of the major drawbacks of this lottery. It is not available online and will probably not be in the near future. Thankfully there are tons of sites for online lottery India.

International online lotteries offer bigger jackpots, safer gaming and faster payouts.

Lottery Sambad lotteries require Indian players to be physically present in the country so that they can purchase their tickets in person.

But, if you’re an Indian that would like to participate in lotto draws online, you’re in luck. With my years-long experience, I have managed to review over 50 lotto sites where you can play lotto online.

These are sites that I have thoroughly vetted for many criteria so that you can find one that you like in an instant, as I have highlighted their strengths and weaknesses.

Online Lottery Benefits

speaker yelling freeBig Bonuses

Playing with a freebie could be good for you. These sites offer lotto-related bonuses you can benefit from, so make sure you claim one.

lotto ticketMultiple Lotto Draws

The sites I’ve listed offer more than one lotto, so you can play the world’s most popular lotto draws, like Powerball and Mega Millions!

casino chipsCasino Games

While you’re waiting for the next draw, you can kill time playing some of the many online casino games available at the sites I’ve listed.

hand and mobileMobile-Compatibility

If you’re a person that likes to take their lotto draws on the go, the good news is that if you play on any of the sites listed, you can do so, as they are all optimized for mobile gaming.

mobile payment methodsSafe and Secure Banking Options

I have made sure the sites I have listed offer worldwide-recognized and used lotto payment methods at your disposal. They accept payments in Indian rupees and/or US dollars.

customer support agetn and computerFirst-Class Customer Support

If you’re insecure about how to play the international lotteries offered or you’re experiencing some problems, you will get excellent Customer Support to help you out with anything.

Make sure you set your priorities straight, and you’ll have a blast playing lotto on any of the sites I have listed for you!

How do I play Lottery Sambad online?

You actually cannot play Lottery Sambad online. As I said, you can see the results online after each draw, but you cannot purchase your tickets online.

You would have to be physically present in India in order to participate in the draws because you would have to buy your tickets in person.

But as I mentioned, if you’re up for playing lotteries online, or you’re not currently in India, you could always choose one of the many sites I have listed.

Each of the Indian online lotteries you can find here offers bigger jackpots, are safer and have faster withdrawals. No photos, forms and photocopies needed to claim prizes!

Trust me, these are sites that not only offer multiple lotto draws for you to participate in but also bonuses, side games, and great payment options.

If you still haven’t chosen your favourite site to join, now is the time! Make sure you do and you’ll have an unforgettable lotto experience there! Good luck!