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    Mega-Sena is Latin Americas most famous lottery. In this guide, you can learn everything you need to be able to play this lotto from India. Take the chance to enjoy this amazing online lottery! Jackpots can reach over ₹400 crores!

    Ramesh Apte

    Editor-In-Chief, Ramesh

    Last updated on 20th November 2021

    Published: 08/11/2019

    Guide to Playing Mega-Sena Lottery

    Join the carnival now with Mega-Sena, Brazil’s largest and most exciting lottery game!

    In this Mega-Sena lottery review, I’ll be outlining everything there is to know about this amazing online lotto.

    You can learn more about its history, the basics and the fantastic payouts you can win, all the information can be found in the lottery review below.

    Don’t worry if you’re new to the lottery scene – I can promise you that you’ll be able to get the hang of Mega-Sena in no time!

    Being one of the most popular online lottery games worldwide, you’ll be able to play it legally, at various Mega-Sena lottery websites that are made available to Indian players.

    These include The Lotter, Lotto247 and Lottoland, to name a few.

    Ready to learn more about the game? Course you are, let’s get started!

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    What is the Mega-Sena lotto?

    logo of the brazilian mega-sena lotto

    Organised by Caixa Econômica Federal Bank, Mega-Sena is the biggest lottery in South America. It’s been available for more than two decades, starting in March 1996.

    Through games like Mega-Sena, the federal bank aims to raise funds from the profits made for several worthy causes in Brazil, in particular, those concerned with providing elementary education and amateur sports.

    In a few words, Mega-Sena gives you the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds — you can win fantastic prizes and give back to the less fortunate.

    The Mega-Sena lottery takes place every Wednesday and Saturday. To start playing, all you need to do is pick six numbers out of 60. Mega-Sena also gives you the option to choose up to 15 numbers.

    Naturally, this will increase the cost of the ticket, but it also increases your chances of winning, giving you precisely 5005 combinations in just one draw!

    If you don’t know which numbers you’d like to choose, don’t worry too much. With a Surpresinha ticket, you’re given a set of random numbers that are chosen automatically.

    What you have to keep in mind is that numbers are drawn a little differently.

    In Mega-Sena, a single machine will pick numbers from 1 to 60 and each winning number is drawn separately and then combined.

    The first drum features digits between 0 to 5, while the second drum features digits that fall between 0 to 9.

    For example, if 3 is the first digit and 6 is the second digit, together they will make up 36. If on the other hand a 0 is chosen on each drum, the two numbers together amount to 60.

    Mega Da Virada

    This exciting international lottery has even more surprises in store for you.

    Every year on New Year’s Eve, Mega-Sena also hosts its annual Mega Da Virada draw, where you can win the biggest jackpot of the year.

    This is since 5% of the prize pool from every draw is put aside for this exclusive draw. This year’s prize is estimated to reach a staggering R$300 million (₹521 Crores).

    What a way to start the new year!

    The jackpot

    Since the odds to win the jackpot are 1 in 50,063,860, sometimes it might be quite difficult to guess all six numbers.

    However, I still think these odds aren’t as tough as other popular lottery games like US Powerball or EuroJackpot.

    Both of which have abysmal odds of 1 in 292,201,338 and 1 in 95,344,200 respectively.

    Mega-Sena prizes are much bigger than Indian state lotteries and evidently, there have been players in the past who managed to win the jackpot.

    Prize WonWinnersYear
    R$205.3 million

    (₹351 Crores)

    R$263.2 million

    (₹450 Crores)

    R$145 million
    (₹248 Crores)

    The payout

    All winnings are paid out in a single lump-sum cash payment. Besides the amazing Mega-Sena jackpot, the game also gives you more chances to win with its 3 prize tiers as described in the table below.

    PrizeHow to WinOddsPercentages that make up the Prizes
    Jackpot6 Mega-Sena Numbers1 in 50,063,86035%
    Tier 25 Mega-Sena Numbers1 in 154,51819%
    Tier 34 Mega-Sena Numbers1 in 2,33219%

    Since there are only 3 tiers, payouts tend to be much higher than the ones you can win in Indian state lotteries.

    In fact, 35% goes to the Mega-Sena jackpot, while 19% makes up the second tier and third tier.

    The Mega-Sena Brazil prize fund will be made up from the remaining 27% – 22% of this will be added to every fifth game for a substantial boost and the 5% to the yearly Mega Da Virada.

    Bear in mind that a 13.8% income tax is deducted on all winnings.

    Can I buy Mega-Sena tickets in India?

    Being one of the biggest international lotteries in the world, the federal bank has ensured that the Mega-Sena is made available in multiple countries.

    To start playing, you are first required to register an account with an official Mega-Sena Lotto agent website.

    Having reviewed over 50 international websites here at Online Lotteries, I can promise you that there is a wide selection of reputable Mega-Sena lottery platforms that accept Indian players.

    The most important part of choosing a website to play at is finding on that suits your wants and needs.

    Below I added some features to take into account when you make your choice:

    • Promotions – Choose a lotto site with good promotions if you like fantastic welcome offers.
    • Casino – Choose a combo lottery-casino site if you’re also interested in casino games.
    • Mobile – Will you predominantly play from your mobile? Choose a lottery website with an app or a good mobile UX site.
    • Payment Options – Do you want a wide range of lotto payment options? Choose a site which has many payment providers available.
    • Lotteries – Choose a site that has a wide range of lotto games, if you’re also interested in playing other lottery games.
    • Customer Support – Choose a site with 24/7 support if you think you’ll need immediate help if a problem comes up while you’re playing.

    After reading my reliable lotto reviews, visit your preferred Mega-Sena agent website to sign up for an account and start playing!

    How do I play Mega-Sena online?

    Mobile play of Mega-sena lotto

    Buying an online lottery ticket for Mega-Sena is as easy as 1, 2, 3! After creating your account with an international website, you will need to make a deposit to be able to buy lottery tickets and start playing.

    Naturally, minimum deposits may vary according to your platform of choice. Some of them may start at €5, while others can be much less or even higher.

    You will be able to issue your deposit via a number of payment methods including credit cards like Visa and Mastercard, or e-wallet options like Skrill and Neteller.

    Once again, all payment options vary according to what your preferred website permits.

    You can also purchase a subscription that will allow you to benefit from the following options:

    • You don’t need to buy new tickets at every draw
    • No need to worry about buying tickets on time
    • You can choose the same numbers for several draws
    • The price is generally much less than the ones purchased for single draws

    Some lottery sites also have promotions that can boost your deposits. To help you out, I’ve also listed available promotions on the lottery bonus page.

    Once you’ve made your deposit, all that’s left to do is to start playing. Make sure to choose your numbers wisely, they could make you a crorepati!