Norway Lotto India Review 2021

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  • Maximum Jackpot€4.6 million
  • Ticket costRs. 40
  • Draw DaysSaturdays

Guide to playing the Norway Lotto from India! Take the chance to win a minimum jackpot of 79 crores for just ₹40! Match 7 numbers to take home the top prize.

Ramesh Apte

Editor-In-Chief, Ramesh

Last updated on 28th May 2021

Published: 11/11/2019

Guide to Playing Norway Lotto

Norway Lotto, also known by its Norwegian name as Norsk Tipping AS, is the national lottery of Norway. Just like Finland Lotto and Irish Lotto these are government games. This lotto has been around for over 30 years.

The first draw was held on the 12th of April of 1986. Its popularity has grown significantly over the years.

Especially when you consider that punters have played close to $400 Million by 2004.

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The bindaas news is that players in India can also enjoy the Norway Lotto lottery so that they too can become one of the many crorepatis that have won so far. In this guide, I will be covering all the important information that you need to know about this lottery, and I will also tell you which are the best Norway Lotto websites out there.

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What is the Norway Lotto?

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The Norway Lotto lottery started as a state lottery in Norway when the Norwegian Government launched it in 1948 in order to raise money for cultural events. The national lottery game is very similar to other government-run games like UK lotto and Oz Lotto.

It formally became a money game in 1986 and has steadily become one of the most popular online lotteries worldwide.

In fact, players in India are welcome to play through trusted lotto agents like those listed here, so they too can have a chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime jackpot.

If you have played any of the state lotteries in India such as the ones in Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, or Manipur you will be familiar with the concept. However, with the Norway Lotto, all that you need is an internet connection to get your tickets!

Norway Lotto is a 7/34 game so in order to participate in this international online lotto game, you need to choose seven numbers between 1 and 34.

The ultimate aim is to choose the numbers that will win the million-dollar jackpot, but prizes are also awarded if you manage to match four or more numbers.

A bonus ball is also drawn during the game. This will allow you to win a prize from the second tier by matching your seven numbers with the six of the winnings numbers plus the bonus ball.

The jackpot

As I have already said, the Norway Lotto lottery has grown quite a bit over the past 30 years. This can be easily explained by looking at the size of jackpots given out.

When Norway Lotto was launched in 1986, its first lottery jackpot winner took home a prize of $157,800 (more than 1 crore).

The jackpot and other prizes are calculated on a pari-mutuel basis, which means that they are determined on the number of lottery tickets sold and how many players win a prize in each tier.

This means that the prizes will always be different between every lottery draw.

In general, the Norway Lotto jackpot will be around 37.2% of the prize money allocated.

The actual prize money for each draw currently sits on an average of $1.5 million (that’s ₹10.66 crore), but it does go even higher.

You simply have to ask the jackpot winner from Akershus in Norway, who won an incredible €4.6 million (just under ₹36.5 crore) back in 2012.

Talk about a tadi dili!

The payout

Achcha, so let’s say that you have managed to win the incredible life-changing Norway Lotto Jackpot. Firstly, you should congratulate yourself on becoming a crorepati!

Secondly, you need to think about how you will receive your prize money.

You can enjoy your winnings completely tax-free and it will be paid out in one sweet lump sum. It may sound unbelievable, but it is actually true.

In fact, the payout of your Norway Lotto jackpot pays out extremely fast when compared to other international lotteries such as US Powerball and Mega Millions, which can take up to 180 days to pay winners.

Can I buy a Norway Lotto tickets in India?

Norway lotto in India

If you are interested in becoming a crorepati by playing this enticing online lottery, then I have some good news for you!

There are several websites that offer Norway Lotto that accept Indian players. At Online Lotteries, I have reviewed over 50 trusted lottery websites to give you the best selection of platforms that accept players from India.

In order to buy online lottery tickets, you first need to visit one of my many reviewed lottery agent websites and create an account.

Before you take this step, it is important to consider what features you prioritize when playing lotteries online. Below you can find some factors to consider:

  • Promotions –We all value different things. If you value bonuses and promotions make sure to choose a website that has them.
  • Casino – You might feel a bit impatient waiting for the lottery draw result. So why not spin a few slot reels and win some extra cash? Choose a combo lottery-casino site if you want to play more games while waiting.
  • Mobile – If you love winning lotteries from your mobile devices, go for a website that offers a designated App or a dedicated mobile site.
  • Payment Options – You should always choose a site that accepts a wide range of lotto payment options for both deposits and withdrawals. Look for one that has the providers you like.
  • Lotteries – Are you interested in more lotteries apart from Norway Lotto? Of course, you are! Choose a site with a wide range of lotto games.
  • Customer Support – Are you a person that might have a few doubts while playing? Choose a site with 24/7 support.

I highly suggest that you read through my trusted lottery website reviews and then register at the website that suits your needs best.

How do I play Norway Lotto online?

If you are eager to purchase your lottery tickets for the Norway Lotto online, then all that you need to do is follow a few very simple steps.

  1. Once you have chosen a lottery site, you can start playing. Choose your 7 main numbers from between 1 and 34.
  2. If you want to play more than one draw, you can choose multiple draws or a subscription. The latter option is great if you already know you want a few tickets. You won’t miss a draw by forgetting to buy your winning ticket.
  3. Wait until the following Saturday to see the results of the draw and see if your numbers are victorious.
  4. Win the jackpot and go celebrate with your yaars! This step is, of course, hard but just imagine how much harder you would celebrate!
BONUS: Enter the Norway Lotto Joker draw for about an additional 147 rupees (20 Kr) per line. You need to match at least 2 out of five randomly assigned numbers in order to win a prize. The more numbers you match, the higher the prize!