Powerball India Review 2022

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  • Maximum Jackpot$1.586 Billion
  • Ticket PriceRs. 320
  • Draw DaysWednesdays & Saturdays

This is the ultimate Powerball guide for Indian players! Learn how to play the online lottery with the biggest jackpot in the world. Find the best lottery sites to play at and how to increase your chances of winning.

Powerball Overview

Numbers5/69 + 1/26
Minimum Jackpot$20 million
Biggest Jackpot$1.586 billion
Jackpot LimitNo
Draw DaysTuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 09:29 IST
Probability of Winning a Prize1 in 24.9
Prize TiersNine
Country of OriginUS

Best Powerball Lottery Sites 2022


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  • CurrenciesINR, EUR
  • LicensesGilbraltar, Sweden, Italy, Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa
  • ProductsInternational Lotteries, Slots, Table Games, Live Casino


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  • CurrenciesUSD, GBP, EUR
  • LicensesCuracao
  • ProductsInternational Lotteries, Keno, Scratchcards, Instant Win Games


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  • LicensesCuracao
  • ProductsInternational Lotteries, Scratch Cards, Instant Win Games


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  • CurrenciesUSD, EUR, GBP, CAD, CHF, AUD, ZAR, RUB
  • LicensesMalta Gaming Authority
  • ProductsInternational Lotteries

How to Play Powerball

To play the Powerball lottery the first thing you’ll need to do is register at one of the sites that offer Powerball tickets to Indian players. You’ll find plenty of choices right here at Online Lotteries.

Wherever you choose to sign up, you’ll be given the option to buy single tickets or tickets with several lines.

Some sites will also give you the opportunity to sign up for a syndicate ticket. With this alternative, you’ll buy into a bulk of tickets with other players. The winnings will be lower, but your chances will be boosted.

The Powerball lottery gives you the chance to use the quick play option or to select your numbers; five numbers from 1 to 69 and one Powerball numbered between 1 and 26.

Powerball Lottery Ticket Price in India

Since you can’t buy lottery tickets in India from the official Powerball site, you need to go via an agent. Each site needs to add its costs to the original ticket price. So, you might find some wildly varying prices.

Here are a few of the Powerball lottery ticket prices in India, offered by a few of our favourite gaming sites.

Lottery WebsitePowerball Ticket Price
LottoSmile₹ 373.94
Multilotto₹ 466.50

Lottoland has the best price for Powerball tickets.

Powerball Lottery Website Features

When you play the Powerball lottery online from India, you’ll need to purchase your tickets from a third-party site.

As with everything, not all sites are created equally, a few websites offer better features to entice you to use the site as your one-stop to buy lottery tickets.

LottoLand gives you the chance to claim back your money for your first ticket if you lose, and the very impressive chance to double your jackpot.

At Lotto247 you’ll receive a free Powerball entry the moment you buy your first lottery ticket for any international lottery.

Want to make a deposit using Paytm or Indian Netbanking?

Then you’ll want to give Lottoland a go.

Buy a Powerball Lottery Ticket from India

There are several online gaming sites, that offer you the opportunity to buy Powerball lottery tickets from India.

Although Powerball tickets are only officially available by physical distributors in 45 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, it is possible to buy tickets from resellers and agents all over the world.

To buy yourself Powerball lottery tickets in India, you’ll first need to register at an online gaming site offered to Indian players like Multilotto.

There are several sites available, and we’ve tried our best to review as many as we can, so feel free to try any of our recommended sites.

The Jackpot

powerball jackpot

Like most of the biggest jackpots in the world, you’ll have the option to choose between a cash prize or an annuity.

With the annuity, you are paid out the prize, minus tax over 30 yearly instalments. Each year, your payment increases by 5% to make up for inflation. All in all, you receive more cash at the end of the period than you would for a lump sum.

With a lump sum, the tax you need to pay is much higher, but you get the prize over two instalments, one from the winning jurisdiction, and one from the combined fund of the remaining states.

Interestingly, over the last four years, only 1.78% of Powerball jackpot winners have chosen to go for the annuity option.

Powerball Prizes

Powerball jackpot draw

There are loads of different Powerball prizes you could claim. You’ll win a prize by matching any of the nine tiers.

You also have the option to use a Powerplay to boost your reward.

Prize tierPayout amountPower play 2XPower play 3XPower play 4XPower play 5XPower play 10X
Five balls and the PowerballThe grand prize jackpotThe grand prize jackpotThe grand prize jackpotThe grand prize jackpotThe grand prize jackpotThe grand prize jackpot
Five balls$1 Million$2 Million$2 Million$2 Million$2 Million$2 Million
Four balls and the Powerball$50,000$100,000$150,000$200,000$250,000$500,000
Four balls$100$200$300$400$500$1,000
Three balls and the Powerball$7$14$21$28$35$70
Three balls$7$14$21$28$35$70
Two balls and the Powerball$4$8$12$16$20$40
One ball and the Powerball$4$8$12$16$20$40

Powerball Winners

To date, there have been more than 390 Powerball jackpot winners. Since 2003, $28 billion worth of jackpots has been paid out.

With so many lucky winners, it’s hard to pick just a few that stick out, but these are my favourite winner stories.

The jackpot biggest ever

On January 13th, 2016, the Powerball hit a record-breaking jackpot of $1.586 billion.

The award was won by three different tickets bought by players in the US. The jackpot was split by John and Lisa Robinson of Tennessee, Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt of Florida and Marvin and Mae Acosta of California.

Each couple chose to take the lump sum of $327.8 million.

Nirmal Dhamodarasamy

Indian Student Powerball winner

The first big win by an Indian player was by Nirmal Dhamodarasamy, he’d moved from India to the states to study at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

The graduate student decided to join a weekly Powerball subscription after learning about the historic $1.5 billion win. Little did he know that he would make history himself.

On 6th February 2016, Dhamodarasamy played the numbers 07 – 13 – 31 – 36 – 52 and 08 for the Powerball.

He was only 23 at the time and took home a $1 million reward.

Ushakiran Patel

Indian woman with powerball prize

When most people retire, they are content with the savings and retirement funds set aside for their golden age. But sometimes that’s when they really claim their riches.

At 62, Ushakiran Patel had retired to New York from India. She wasn’t a regular lottery player, but occasionally played to try her luck.

On 7th March 2018, Patel purchased a Powerball ticket, using the quick pick option… and she won. A very tidy sum of $1 million.

After choosing the cash reward and paying the relevant tax, Patel was paid out $633,040 which she intended to use towards the remainder of her retirement.

Nandlall Mangal

Powerball Jackpot Winner From India

Here’s the big one, on August 11th 2018, a Guyanese-Indian carpenter won the massive jackpot of $245.6 million.

At the time he was working at a construction site in New York and bought his $6 quick-pick ticket at the Stop & Shop on Hylan Boulevard in Staten Island.

Mangal really wanted to keep the secret to himself but had to disclose a few details according to state law.

Originally claiming the money via the Sea and Sand Trust, Mangal’s plans were to carry on living his life, working the same job and enjoying a bit of travelling.

Powerball Results

The quickest most reliable place to find the Powerball results is on the Powerball site. From the homepage, you’ll see the date of the next draw and the previous draw. There are details about the last jackpot winner, the Match 5 winner and the Power Player winners.

Before the jackpot is called, you’ll also see the estimated rolling jackpot on the next draw. The amount shown is the total if you choose the annuity option. If you want to go for the cash option, that’s the smaller number on the page.

Powerball Features

Powerball isn’t your average lottery, It’s so much more. As the lottery has reached the biggest jackpot in the world, it may come as no surprise that they offer a few features to keep things interesting.

For an additional sum, you can multiply your non-jackpot rewards by 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 times with PowerPlay. The multiplier you receive is randomly assigned before the draw. Keep in mind the 10x multiplier is only available if the jackpot annuity is less than $150 million.

Have a lucky set of numbers?

Powerball will allow you to use the same numbers on consecutive drawings via the Multi-Draw or Advance Play options.

History of Powerball

Back in the day, there was a lottery created to surpass the smaller state lotteries. A lottery to rule them all, you could say. Lotto America promised bigger jackpots and bigger dreams.

Then in 1992, they decided it was time for a rebrand, and the Powerball lotto was born. At the time, they were the very first lottery to use two drums. This has since become popular with lotteries all over the world.

The biggest jackpots were awarded in August 2017, March 2019 and January 2016. The awards were $758 million, $768 million and $1.586 billion, respectively.

Since 1992, Powerball has raised $25 billion for good causes.

Mega Millions is also a huge US lottery game that competes with Powerball for the place of biggest lottery in the world.

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