SuperEnalotto India Review 2022

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  • Maximum Jackpot€209.1 million
  • Ticket PriceRs. 80
  • Draw DaysTuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays

Originally an Italian Lottery, SuperEnalotto has managed to take rest of Europe with a storm. Now, for the first time, Indian players can enjoy the lottery as well! In this guide, you can learn everything you need to know before starting your SuperEnalotto adventure.

SuperEnalotto Overview

Numbers6/90 + 1/84 + 1/90
Minimum Jackpot€2 million
Biggest Jackpot€209.1 million
Jackpot LimitNo
Draw Days23:30 IST on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Probability of Winning a Prize1 in 16
Prize Tiers15 prize tiers including Instant Win and SuperStar options
Country of OriginItaly

How to Play SuperEnalotto

The first thing you need to do to play the SuperEnalotto lottery is to choose six numbers. Pick numbers between 1 and 90.

When the draw takes place six numbers will be drawn and then finally the Jolly ball will be drawn from the remaining 84 balls.

For an additional fee, you can purchase the SuperStar option. An extra ball is drawn from another drum of 90 balls.

Matching this number will massively boost your winnings. Because it is drawn from a separate machine, you can choose the same number as one of your initial numbers.

Most online lottery sites in India offer SuperEnaLotto.

SuperEnalotto Lottery Ticket Price in India

SuperEnalotto lottery ticket price in India differs from site to site. It might seem that the prices are arbitrary but there is actually a good reason for the variation.

Usually, the cheaper tickets make their money by taking a commission on your winnings. More expensive tickets allow a website to make their money from the ticket price and give you the full winnings.

Lottery WebsiteSuperEnalotto Ticket Price India
LottoSmile₹ 251.72

SuperEnalotto Lottery Website Features

To stand out from the crowd, lotto sites try to offer players something extra.

When you play the SuperEna lottery online these special features might help you choose the perfect site.

At Lottoland you can enjoy a money-back guarantee on purchases of your first five paid slips. So, if you don’t win, you’ll get your money back into your account. They are also one of the few online lottery sites that offer Paytm lottery payments.

LottoSmile has a user-friendly app and doesn’t take any commission on your winnings.

PlayHugeLottos gives regular players the benefit of earning LottoPoints which you can redeem for extra lottery tickets.

Since MultiLotto is aimed at Indian players, you can make deposits using UPI and Indian Netbanking.

superstar lotto ticket

Buy a SuperEnalotto Lottery Ticket from India

To play the SuperEnalotto lottery in India legally, you’ll need to buy your tickets from an online lottery distributor.

You can buy lottery tickets in India from several sites, offering you the chance to buy tickets to some of the biggest lotteries in the world.

We recommend using one of the sites listed above, as they are all safe and tested.

After signing up at your chosen site, you’ll need to make a deposit before you can purchase any tickets.

Next up, choose your favourite lottery. The tickets you buy can be single or a bundle. You can even choose to buy tickets to future draws.

Not sure what number to go for?

Then the quick pick function is probably the right option for you.

The SuperEnaLotto Jackpot

The SuperEnalotto jackpot is a rolling jackpot, meaning that every time the jackpot isn’t won, it will grow and be added to the next week’s jackpot.

The jackpot starts at €2 million, and regularly grows to eight figures.

The biggest ever jackpot was awarded on Tuesday 13th August 2019. The prize was €209.1 million and was won by an anonymous player in Lodi, Lombardy, Italy.

Prize Tiers

SuperEnaLotto has several prize tiers. Prizes rewarded can be boosted if you match the SuperStar ball.

There is also a one in 500 chance of winning the instant prize of €25.00 if you match the four magic square numbers. This feature is not available on all online lottery sites in India.

Prize TierMatching NumbersPayout Amount (Average)
16 Regular+ SuperStar€74,729,105.14
26 Regular€72,729,105.14
35 Regular + Jolly + SuperStar€1,597,737.55
45 Regular + SuperStar €948,630.24
55 Regular + Jolly€597,737.55
65 Regular€50,197.28
74 Regular + SuperStar€35,238.56
83 Regular + SuperStar€2,725.48
94 Regular€358.40
102 Regular + SuperStar€100.00
113 Regular€27.25
121 Regular + SuperStar€10.00
132 Regular€5.48
140 Regular + SuperStar€5.00
Instant Win4 Magic Sqaure Numbers€25.00

SuperEnalotto Winners

SuperEnalotto has created plenty of crorepatis over the years. Almost all of SuperEnalotto jackpot winners have chosen to remain anonymous. Probably because they don’t want their neighbours to come asking if you wouldn’t mind sparing them a few Rupees.

All of the biggest SuperEnalotto winners to date have been based in Italy, but we’re pretty sure that will change soon. It’s only a before we see a big Indian lottery winner for SuperEnaLotto.

These are the biggest jackpot winners to date:

€209.1 million

The massive amount of €209.1 million was awarded to a very lucky player from Lodi, Italy.

The anonymous winner set the record for winning the largest jackpot ever paid out in Europe. The prize was awarded after eight months of rollovers without a winning jackpot.

€177.7 million

Back in October 2010, a syndicate of 70 players from Milan, Italy, took home the (then) record-breaking jackpot. At the time it was the biggest win in the history of SuperEnalotto, and it was only broken almost a decade later.

A syndicate is when a group of players pool their resources to buy a large bundle of tickets. Increasing the chances of winning. If any ticket wins, all the participants split the reward.

In this case, each player received €8,885,000.

 €163.5 million

In October 2016, a player from Vibo Valentina, Calabria won the massive jackpot.

The ticket was bought from Domenico Lo Bianco, a local newsagent. He was more than happy to play a part in making someone’s dreams come true.

Although Domenico didn’t know the identity of the winner, he hoped that the prize went to someone who really needed it.

SuperEnalotto Results

A short time after the draw the winning numbers will be published online. You can either look at the SuperEnalotto results on the official site, or you can check out the results from the site you bought your ticket.

Checking the results where you bought your ticket has the added benefit of seeing if you won. Some sites even have apps where you can receive alerts detailing lottery results.

SuperEnalotto Features

SuperEnalotto features the chance to buy an extra SuperStar number. The extra cost to your ticket gives you the opportunity to substantially boost any of your winnings. Since the number is drawn from a separate barrel, you are able to duplicate one of your numbers, if you want.

History of SuperEnalotto

The SuperEnalotto as we know it has been played in Italy since 3rd December 1997. The Italian lottery often hits record-breaking jackpots, not only locally, but internationally. So, it’s no surprise it has become known as the godfather of jackpots.

SuperEnalotto evolved from the Italian lottery which has existed in some form or another since the 1950s.

The draw takes place from several different cities, with one ball drawn for each city. If a duplicate number is drawn, it is discarded. Usually, the jolly number is drawn from Venice.

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