Powerball Winners

powerball winner 20 january 2021
Powerball Winners 22-01-2021

730 Million USD Won In Powerball!

Powerball has yet again created a multimillionaire! The Powerball jackpot has continuously grown for months reaching an impressive 731 MILLION US dollars until it was won on the 20th of January 2021! The winning lottery ticket was bought in Maryland USA. Not much is known about the winner at this point but one thing is […]

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Indian Student Powerball winner
Powerball Winners 03-01-2020

Indian Student wins $1 000 000 from Powerball lottery

Indian student wins Powerball playing online! Nirmal Dhamaodarasamy took home the second prize in the Powerball lottery giving him the enormous prize amount of $1 000 000 US dollars. Winning more than 7 crores is life-changing, to say the least. Dhamodarasamy was a graduate student studying abroad at the University of Illinois at Chicago when […]

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Indian woman with powerball prize
Powerball Winners 10-12-2019

Indian retiree wins huge Powerball prize

Indian woman takes home $1 000 000 Powerball prize Another Indian player that got lucky playing the Powerball lottery is Sixty-two-year-old Ushakiran Patel. On March 7, 2018, Mrs Patel joins the ranks of the many earlier international lottery winners from India but the size of her win sticks out. The retiree matched the first five […]

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Powerball Jackpot Winner From India
Powerball Winners 03-12-2019

Indian Wins $245.6 Million Jackpot Playing Powerball!

Powerball jackpot won by Indian carpenter! An Indian American player living in New York, Staten Island won a $245.6 million Powerball jackpot prize. This is not only the biggest Powerball prize won by an Indian but it is also the biggest lottery jackpot ever won by a desi man! Nandlall Mangal, a 42-year-old with roots […]

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