The Dream 12 Million
Indian Woman Wins a Life-Changing Jackpot on the Big Ticket Draw

A Woman from India Wins Dh12 Million Big Ticket Jackpot Sopna Nair, the Big Ticket […]

Dubai duty free draw
2 Lucky Indian Dubai Duty Free Lottery Winners

$1 Million to Each of the Two Indian DDF Lottery Winners Exciting news arrived from […]

the big 10 million
8 New Big Ticket Jackpot Winners from India

Keralite Expats Share Rs. 19.82 Crore Big Ticket Jackpot Not 1, not 2 but 8 […]

cartoon of 4 million dollar lottery winners
4 New Indian Dubai Lottery Winners!

1 Million USD to Four Indian Jackpot Winners The Dubai lottery has had four Indian […]

Krishna Barri wins florida lotto jackpot
Jackpot Winner Opens Education Trust Fund in India

Lottery Jackpot Winner’s Kindness A reoccurring theme throughout lottery jackpot winner stories is the fact […]

kerala lottery winner with his winning lottery ticket
Mohijul Rahima Sheikh – Indias Luckiest Lottery Jackpot Winner

The REAL story of Indias most famous lottery winner The story of Mohijul Rahima Sheikh […]

sign that says 1.5 billion mega millions ticket sold
The Unlikely Indian Mega Millions Winner!

 Indian part of the biggest lottery jackpot won by a single player! We Indians are […]

Indian Student Powerball winner
Indian Student wins $1 000 000 from Powerball lottery

Indian student wins Powerball playing online! Nirmal Dhamaodarasamy took home the second prize in the […]

Indian woman with powerball prize
Indian retiree wins huge Powerball prize

Indian woman takes home $1 000 000 Powerball prize Another Indian player that got lucky […]

Indian winner of Mega Millions Jackpot
Hira Singh the newest Mega Millions Crorepati!

Mega Millions jackpot won by Indian American! Hira Singh is one of many Indian Mega […]

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